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Lloyds Meadows Fishery is a coarse venueLloyds Meadows Fishery
Delamere Road, Mouldsworth, Chester, Cheshire
Fishery noted for Carp, Chub, Barbel, Tench and Bream fishing.
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2.2 caught on the same session as the 3.06. same method.
By TheWeekendAngler on 25 Jul 2016
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RE: fisheries
Sorry not my area have you tried local venues on the app ?
RE: Mate
Good work 4lbs Bream is ok .Why don't you put your area you might then get some replies.
RE: Mate
Good work pal !
does anyone know any good course fisheries near Manchester
Hi am very new to fishing and am looking for someone to teach me a few things only things I know are things I have learned from YouTube and magazines, was very lucky to catch a bream other day and was
RE: Yo
Only a couple of half hearted bites
RE: Yo
Hoping the shoulder will be ok by next weekend and i can get out on one of my new club waters for 24hours
RE: Yo
Hi Macca have not decided yet. There's a lake not to far away that I have not fished yet or I might try river.shall see what weather is like as thunder is forecast. Not going till this afternoon .
RE: Yo
No till next Friday , booked a nite carp fishing
RE: Yo
Wish i could dislocated my shoulder a couple weeks ago competing :/ where you off mate?
RE: Yo
Going out tomorrow , let's hope they are on the feed .
Whos out the weekend?
RE: Arriving at a new day ticket venue
If its big and plenty of space use your time and keep mobile if there not there you wont catch um!
RE: Park lakes
Cheers fellas these two came out of the blue though so thinkin i was lucky if anythin lol
RE: Park lakes
Nice looking fish sir
RE: Park lakes
Looks like you are doing ok
RE: Park lakes
And another
RE: Park lakes
One i had from a local park
Park lakes
Any favourite methods or rigs for taking on public spots?
I've done most types of angling , match , course / river /still ? Carp , pred fishing .sea , but this year have have one to the fact it's rather carp at night for for me it's dry fly up steam chalk f
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