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Makins Fishery is a coarse venueMakins Fishery
Makins Fishery Bazzard Road Bramcote Nuneaton Warwickshire England CV11 6QJ
With 18 well stocked and carefully managed lakes on our scenic site, we are confident we can supply every angler visiting us with a days fishing they will never forget. Whether you are specimen carp angler looking to smash a personal best, a match angler looking for a bumper haul or a pleasure rod who merely enjoys a relaxed days fishing, we know we can cater for you.
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By superglew on 18 Aug 2016
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RE: Power Banks
We reviewed one recentely Check the blogs on the website
RE: Power Banks
This is what I made
RE: Am I ready
Brilliant thanks mate
RE: Am I ready
There's plenty of videos on YouTube . You will get plenty of tips to help you
RE: Am I ready
Thanks for your help
RE: Am I ready
Am just trying to catch anything
RE: Am I ready
Perhaps use a lighter hook length
RE: Am I ready
What are you trying to catch ?
Am I ready
I have a float rod floats shots small real with 8lb line maggots and sweet corn will that all be good enough or is line not right sorry for being bit of dick don't know any fishermen
RE: Lighter line
Ok thanks mate I'm learning all the time
RE: Lighter line
Yes might need a lot more line to fill spool .make sure you set drag light
Lighter line
Hi all an new to fishing can I use a 4lb line on a 6 8 10lb reel
RE: boilies
You can purchase these shop brought already, look up critically balanced boilies
Power Banks
Hi guys, I need a power bank as I'm starting to take my kid carping, she's gets bored and loves the IPad etc. So I need a really good power bank that'll last a couple of days and provides some good am
RE: fisheries
Sorry not my area have you tried local venues on the app ?
RE: Mate
Good work 4lbs Bream is ok .Why don't you put your area you might then get some replies.
RE: Mate
Good work pal !
does anyone know any good course fisheries near Manchester
Hi am very new to fishing and am looking for someone to teach me a few things only things I know are things I have learned from YouTube and magazines, was very lucky to catch a bream other day and was
RE: Yo
Only a couple of half hearted bites
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