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Crow Green Fishery is a coarse venueCrow Green Fishery
Crow Green Farm Days Lane Pilgrims Hatch Essex CM15 9SL
Crow Green Fishery was born out of approx 16 acres of grazing land, just a field full of grass and no trees. In 1990 the land was purchased by the current owners, Jason and Karen Jopson. Jason a keen fisherman dreamed of having his very own fishing lake so that he could spend time fishing whenever he pleased.
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20lb mirror.
By jimpee34 on 23 Sep 2016
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RE: Arriving at a new day ticket venue
As long as your happy with your rig, casting and lay you'll be fine, it takes time to get a hang of a lake. Have a chat with the locals and keep it simple.
RE: Blank blank blank
Try different techniques? Maybe , method feeders , ? Different rigs or bait ,, different waters ?
RE: Blank blank blank
Perhaps go back to basics. If that does not succeed take up 🍷🍷🍷🍸🍸🍸🍾🍾. I have had same problem this year not catching on Carp gear, but catching on feeder and pole . Had ten doubles on feeder
Blank blank blank
I'v been fishing for 30 years + corse ! Sea ! Carp! In that order over the years ! , I'v resonantly found myself blanking every session over nights 24 hours 48 hours ! Don't know wtf is going on ! Not
RE: Help
Nice one thanks for your help like I said am very new to this but absolutely love sitting over the lakes
RE: Help
Ho as for bread crust u can do both , on a river I just hook a lump of crust to a hook and let the current take it down stream On a still water I found if ur fishing on the top I use a controller flo
RE: Help
Right bit of a tricky on this , Guess it depends on what ur fishing for , If ur looking for perch , silvers etc I would say yes as the 6lbs is just ur main line , I would then use say a size 16 anim
Hi all 2 questions. Can I use a 6 lb line for float fishing if so whet hook lengh would be best? Also do I need to use a float to fish bread crust on the top see it in a mag looks fun thanks for any
RE: Power Banks
We reviewed one recentely Check the blogs on the website
RE: Power Banks
This is what I made
RE: Am I ready
Brilliant thanks mate
RE: Am I ready
There's plenty of videos on YouTube . You will get plenty of tips to help you
RE: Am I ready
Thanks for your help
RE: Am I ready
Am just trying to catch anything
RE: Am I ready
Perhaps use a lighter hook length
RE: Am I ready
What are you trying to catch ?
Am I ready
I have a float rod floats shots small real with 8lb line maggots and sweet corn will that all be good enough or is line not right sorry for being bit of dick don't know any fishermen
RE: Lighter line
Ok thanks mate I'm learning all the time
RE: Lighter line
Yes might need a lot more line to fill spool .make sure you set drag light
Lighter line
Hi all an new to fishing can I use a 4lb line on a 6 8 10lb reel
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