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Birds Green Fishing Lakes is a coarse venueBirds Green Fishing Lakes
Tile House Farm, Birds Green, Ongar, Essex CM5 0PN
Birds Green Fishery is situated in the peace and tranquillity of the picturesque River Roding valley in the heart of the unspoilt Essex countryside.
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By MC SEL on 29 Jun 2016
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RE: Fishing UK 3.0 now on Android
so i have 2.0 but theres no option to update to 3.0 on google play store
Pike Fishing Venues.
Hi Steve White. Thanks for your comment. Yes indeed the app should allow you to filter for species but I've tried that without success hence my post?
Good luck with launch
Nice idea Darren .
RE: Pike Fishing Venues?
You know you can use the app to search and filter by species?
RE: Fishing UK 3.0 now on Android
Cheers Al, it's been hard work and we really appreciate it that you've supported us this far.
Good idea Darren, this'll go into the roadmap. We're trying to promote the app atm, so expect more new members and to see us in the fishing mags soon.
And nice to see some more names on the prize score board and some nice pics posted , lets hope the come say hi on the forum too ,, Just a thought for the next update , after u guys have a well earned
Pike Fishing Venues?
Hi all. I'm looking for some decent Pike Fishing around the Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland areas. I'm prepared to travel to the best spots. Just looking for places closer to home. I know the Lake Distr
Its here people Get sharing this link on all social media to get more anglers involved!
Fishing UK 3.0 now on Android
We're delighted and excited that we released Fishing UK 3.0 on Android today - of all days, June 16th.We're now actively promoting the app to attract 1000s of new members.
RE: Fox micron eos bite alarms
Sorry only use delkims
Fox micron eos bite alarms
Hello people, have just brought a couple of fox eos bite alarms from my mate with the camo clip on covers, does anybody know where I can get some other ones. Having loads of problems. Thanks in advanc
RE: Kayak fishing anyone ?
Think my boss does it in the Bristol Channel for pollock not for me I have to sayb
RE: Kayak fishing anyone ?
Very popular in Australia .
Kayak fishing anyone ?
RE: Wylands
Was ok all kicked off about 2:30 am and threw the next day changed to luncheon meat
RE: Wylands
Sorry to hear you are struggling
Any one got any tips for wylands new speci lake fishing it now and it's dead
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