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Birch House Lakes is a coarse venueBirch House Lakes
Birch House Lakes Ednaston Brailsford Ashbourne Derbyshire DE6 3AX
Six picturesque still water lakes set in a beautiful, tranquil spot on the outskirts of Ednaston just off the A52 between Derby and Ashbourne. 13 different species of fish including carp, bream, tench and roach are fished from 200 pegs and an 80 peg silver fish match lake.
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By john2459 on 26 Feb 2015
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RE: Carp hooks
I just got some new ones they are nash fang twister. If you have any feed back on these send it my way
RE: Carp hooks
Seems Korda wins at present
RE: Van den eynde
I've tryed the pineapple additive sprayed in the ground bait in the summer when fishing roach and bream but have never tried it in making boiles
RE: Removing rod eyes
Defo sounds like one for the experts, If it was the last eye you can cut it off and put a new tip on easily enough , thank the bit u remover if it's a carbon rod can be melted and feathered to make a
RE: Carp hooks
It's always depended on what I'm fishing for ,, I use the Korda range for carp as they seem to have a hook for every rig/ Job For silvers I use the animal X range ,, And drennan do some very good
RE: Carp hooks
Korda range is very good I also use the fox arma point
RE: Van den eynde
I have not used it in boilies but it's worth a try. Often a new flavour or colour works well .
Carp hooks
I am thinking of trying different Carp hooks this season, any suggestions?
Van den eynde
Sup guys Just wondering does any one use van den eynde as a Liguria additive when making boilies. Now I add a lot of different liquids to my baits and tried many out there except this. Now I use this
RE: Holidays and inexperience
Try going on a guided fishing trip. The guide should have plenty of tips to pass on plus lots of experiance
RE: Holidays and inexperience
Have you thought about booking a tuition day with a decent angler
Holidays and inexperience
I'm wanting to book a fishing holiday for this year thinking about anglers paradise in August. Problem I've got is I've been fishing for years now but still lack a lot of knowledge can anyone recommen
RE: Removing rod eyes
Are they epoxy wrapped if so I would take them to a tackle shop and have it done because it means heating it up enough to remove the epoxy but not delam the rod. What rods are they?
RE: Removing rod eyes
Try cutting the ring wrap on one side of the ring and slide ring out, you might then be able to slide new ring in and just need to wrap one side . If this failed cut both wraps and re wrap and varnish
Removing rod eyes
Guys help me out =) please. What's the best way to remove the eyes off my rod. There pritty new rods (muppet of a mate bent the first big eye and the inside of the eye the smooth bit came out and sma
RE: Beach Fishing Rods ??
I have not used one But the price seems a good deal check out casting weight to make sure it's not to heavy
Beach Fishing Rods ??
I'm looking into buying a Beachcaster around 12-13ft?? I have a budget of around £100 ? It will be mainly used for pier fishing and beach fishing aswell. I have spotted a Abu Garcia Ambassador Atlanti
RE: Brasenose1
Hi there it's my local water so I know it quite well. This time of year I would have 1 rod on a 7ft zig 100 yards out and fish two other rods between 80-100 yards on either fake corn or maggots over a
RE: Brasenose1
Hi I haven't fished it but from all the DVDs and program's on you tube zigs are very good spodding slop ova the top check you tube out and watch the vids good luck👍
Anyone give me any info on brasenose1 please I'm gunna try it out next week n I haven't a clue about it
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