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Churchgate Lakes is a coarse venueChurchgate Lakes
Churchgate Lakes Rectory Lane Battlesbridge Essex SS11 7QR
Nestled in the undulating Essex countryside, Churchgate Lakes offers some of the finest fishing available in the country. Set amidst a stunning 20-acre estate, the fishery is comprised of four lakes, each heavily stocked with large fish and a diverse range of species all to Specimen size.
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By nick lwuk on 26 Nov 2014
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RE: Baitrunner mini XT2500FA
I've got some baitrunners that are still going strong about 20 yrs old
App review
Heya guys ! Dont forget to rate us in the app store!
RE: help!
My call be just don't expect and just keep at it.. That day when your not expecting to catch the PB be your day.. Rough with smooth.. Clueless when comes to carp so just thought I'd add some obvious t
RE: help!
Something else to consider is a method feeder, lots of carp anglers are using them.
RE: help!
Because the water is getting cooler it is thought that the carp will be close to the bottom of the lake. But water can be warmer in the mid layers, an adjustable zig rig might be worth a shot.
RE: Beastmaster
I think the CX is the latest model
What's the difference between the Beastmaster CX feeder 9/11ft and the Beastmaster feeder 9/11ft.. Thanks for looking in Jase.
RE: help!
there are 20's in there, i must be doing something wrong, back to the drawing board, i just want to maximise the time i have on the bank
RE: help!
I agree with Uncledave keep trying perhaps just stick to a rig you have had success on also remember water temps are dropping so the fish slow down The other point is are there 20lbs plus fish in the
RE: help!
Don't give up, a 20 plus carp is a specimen worth a bit of effort. Are you fishing venues that have them? Think about the changing weather and how the fish respond. Most of all believe in yourself. Ke
ive been carp fishing for nearly 2 years now and still have not got a 20 yet, my pb is 18lb 4oz, ive hit a wall, my last 4 sessions have all blanked, including 2 24hr sessions and 12hr, im trying diff
Best place for cod
Does anybody now of any good cod marks in the bridgend and surrounding areas please
Felton fence
I'm mainly a coarse angler I I'd like to know if anyone has fished felton fence fishery Northumberland and give any tip/advice Thank you Shaun
RE: Baitrunner mini XT2500FA
Yes gotta agree real nice reel feels like it would last years.. Paid £50 for it S/H so never had choose rear or front drag.. Really like the rear drag personally but hay still the dog wotzits of a re
Olympic park- River Lea Stratford
Has anyone fished or thinking about fishing on the Lea at Stratford? Parts I've seen as I've driven past are starting to look good. Doesn't seem to be much info online at all. I'm thinking about expl
RE: Baitrunner mini XT2500FA
Best real in the market IMO. I have single arm on mine for my feeder rod and have double arm on my carp rods with bigger runners 4500's. Amazing reels great value when they last forever! Keep them cle
RE: Buying advice again fellow fishermen
Yeah I'll look into those too then.. Thought that octipod boxes are old ?
RE: Buying advice again fellow fishermen
Consider nordic octbox as well
RE: Buying advice again fellow fishermen
Yeah for sure.. The Baitrunner mini just got myself really happy with.. I'm aiming to get the beast master 9/11ft around March but meantime the forcemaster will work for short cast feeder.. So pleased
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