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Daventry Reservoir is a coarse venueDaventry Reservoir
Daventry Country Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire
Reservoir noted for Bream, Perch, Pike, Roach and Tench fishing.
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another battling low double persuaded out from the rocks
By Arnie on 29 Jun 2015
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RE: Just back
It went like a train took some stopping just when I thought I was winning it took more line
RE: Tench
Start off by float fishing. Fish on the bottom with sweetcorn and feed sweetcorn and groundbait (if allowed) or casters. Don't fish too far out as you will often catch tench only a few metres from the
RE: Hello fellow fishing nuts..
F1's are hybrids. Usually between common and crucian carp but sometimes people use commons and brown goldfish. They use them as they feed all year round, don't grow too big, if you see one above 5/6lb
RE: Paste
Not a problem to freeze or re-freeze paste. Keep it wrapped up on the bank to avoid a crust forming on it, then when you get home, chuck it in the freezer and get it out the night before you go
RE: Which baits are best for Carp?
Most things you can think of will catch carp on their day. Good staple baits are sweetcorn, meat, pellets, boilies and even the humble maggot can score well. Find out what the fishery allows, but if y
RE: Waggler Floats
If its carp your after, try a heavier float or pellet wag and this should help with fish hooking themselves, don't strike at little dips of the float though. If its silvers your after then, use a mark
RE: Just back
Wow well dn bud we caught a 50 and that fought like stink bet that was like pullin a train
RE: Hi
Wouldn't mind some Barbel fishing myself I believe they fight well on the rivers, Good luck fella
RE: Trying to find one of these...
Just too add thanks for looking in on this one :-)
Trying to find one of these...
Matrix 6 box side tray cover.. All I've done is wait, search, wait and search for them to be in stock.. Looked through many a online tackle shop to no avail .. Be over the moon if anyone spotted one
RE: Cooking up
Go to pets at home they do a mixed bag of bird seed think it's the wild bird seed I do ok on that or if not goto a farm shop and get parti blend
RE: Just back
Cheers mate
Live in the winsford area enjoy carp fishing an hoping to find better places with bigger carp, wouldn't mind a bit of barbel fishing either
RE: Just back
Well done Mark . Nice fish for UK
Cooking up
Generally I've always gone for hemp on its own or sometimes with corn, but obviously everyone is different with what they use in theists and what gets their local water going Any other suggestions
Just back
From a quick over nighter fishing for catfish second time I have targeted the cats this year and had one cat at 82lb and its my new pb very happy and very tired
Hi guys can I have some tips for tench fishing? Leger or float I don't mind
RE: Slipping the hook
As soon as you feel one on- strike! Don't worry A lot of people make this mistake at some point
Oxford Thames
Best stretch for big bags of bream? Maybe some pile fishing, close to the city centre. Thanks!!
RE: Waggler Floats
Just wait for a pullaround
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