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Sopley Lake is a coarse venueSopley Lake
Burton Dorset
A Gravel pit of approximately 10 acres with depths up to 10 feet set in a secluded woodland. Contains a good head of Carp (to 30lb), Bream and Roach. It also has quite a few Golden Orfe.
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By hazzaperce on 15 Sep 2015
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Been on my mind about making my own bollies and after ordering a simple kit wondered if anybody like to share there recipes on here.. I've ordered this with thoughts keeping cost down making my own is
RE: Ste I phone
We've had some issues with the website recently, it should work ok now.
Ste I phone
Don't know what s happening every time I try to read any thing it just go back to the apps
River Trent Ste iphone
Holme pierrpoint is it still day ticket on the stretch of the Trent just were the slalom coarse enters the Trent and is the rowing coarse still day ticket must be over twenty years since last fished
RE: Avanti
Stay clear of Avanti poles there heavy and not much good a friend of mine bought one he used it twice its now in is shed gathering dust . Have a look on eBay or other sites and you can pick a far bett
RE: Which rig do you use??
Hey all... Been using 2oz inline lead on 12lb line to a 8" hook length..size 10 hook n hair and use a 4" long PVA net log on my hook length..... simples
RE: Advice for colder months
Leave out the chilli and perhaps fish deeper water if there is any .If rigs work don't change Its the bait that gets the bites not rig
Mythe Pool, Tewkesbury
Any info anyone on this BAA water?
RE: Advice for colder months
I've known lakes to have spicy tastebuds in the summer time and a sweeter tooth in the winter. Maybe try a coconut mix or adding a sweet glug to your bag and leave off the chili. If your rigs are succ
Advice for colder months
I'm looking for advice for fishing crop in the colder months, I've always been a hot day fisherman catching around 17 - 20lb carps but now the colder weather has hit I'm struggling getting bites, i us
RE: Side pulla top kit
Hi, contact poledoctor 01332 297095. They will convert your top kits using preston roller pullas
Side pulla top kit
Hi, Looking for a top kit that will fit my daiwa xr4, Has to have a roller kit, built in. My top kits are 20/21mm,been told the Preston roller kit one will fit it , has any one any idea.
RE: 15lb + mainline
Hey there Arnie and thanks for your response.. Well ill admit not fully clued up but getting the jist of it... so much to learn these days with that much end tackle on the market. Just when i thou
RE: 15lb + mainline
Hey Jase, Sorry about the delayed response....that mainly comes from using braid or coated hook links for carp etc. less stretch so usually a stronger hook link is used. As your mainline is mono, ther
RE: Matches / competitions northwest
Try sycamore fishery goldborne they have opens on every weekend good fishing with weights but don't forget to take corn you can look at the match results on there web site one local angler wins quite
River ribble
Can anyone update how the river is fishing. Got the St. Helens and southport card I only start going on the river from September onwards because the fish start to shoal up now and normally good catch
RE: Hooks
Hey up there guys... Well not what i thought then but knowledge always shines chaps, thanks setting me straight. Brown hooks hay.. I'll keep my eye out for those see if they make any pre made rig
RE: Hooks
I wouldn't go with black. It's more visible to fish than you'd think. A brown hook is quite hidden. Look at Korda Kaptor hooks in the brown colour.
RE: Which rig do you use??
I'd say a chod rig. I tie a tiny short chod and I'm confidant to cast that anywhere even before checking for snags etc. I keep one handy to cast to showing fish too. My top chod top - at the lead end
RE: 48 hour fishing session
Look at Furnace lakes in West Sussex. There are 6 lakes there at least 3 boast 50's. Huge cats too. It's expensive but worth it. ATV and trailer takes you to and from your swim. All swims are well mai
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