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Earlswood Lakes is a coarse venueEarlswood Lakes
Earlswood, Solihull, B94 5RY
Three large reservoirs set in wooded countryside. Open: 7.30am to dusk
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By alexbowron on 27 Jul 2014
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RE: lulworth cove
thanks. appreciate the tips. one last question. will bass come up to the shore if the waters calm or do they prefer rough water?
RE: lulworth cove
I would try of the rocks
RE: Fluorocarbon main line
Don't bother you can't see it
RE: lulworth cove
would you recommend fishing in the open water side of the rocks or in the shallower harbor side which is varies from 6-15 foot deep?
RE: lulworth cove
6/7ft is plenty if the fish are about. I used to troll from my boat with just a red gill and a swivel was the only weight lure was no more than a foot under surface but the Bass loved it
RE: lulworth cove
im new to lure fishing. how deep do you need to fish a lure? even the weighted lures i use only seem to get 6/7 feet down. is that enough?
RE: Floater fishing
Most of the time I use a crusty loaf if bread but if not Sonubaits Oily Floaters are great. No need to soak already done. I also use Bakers Meaty Treats dog biscuits/food as they are full of flavour/
RE: lulworth cove
Try spinning of the rocks with a Rapala mackerel finish is good for Bass. Good luck
RE: lulworth cove
Going back about 8 years was the last time I fished lulworth and I had loads of wrasse some really nice ones too but no bass
RE: lulworth cove
Im from bomo - im keen to try !
lulworth cove
has anyone tried lure fishing for bass at lulworth cove? i went down wife family, walked out on the rocks and saw a bloke pull out a 4-5 lb bass. has anyone else tried it and if so would anyone recomm
RE: Why do you fish
Gets me away from the wife :-) haha. Words can't describe why I go it's something that has now become part of my life and something I will never give up.
RE: Dorset
How did you get on?
RE: Korda crumpers
Could you not go to your local DIY shop and get crimpers half the price
RE: Korda crumpers
There sound I use them fa tying chods I can get them as small as I need too and not ad one slip yet touch wood!!
Korda crumpers
Has anyone used these and think they're any good not the biggest fan of korda but these do look handy it's just a matter if they're worth it
RE: Floater fishing
I use chum mix banded and just feed a few by caterpult .i wait for the carp to start taking them before I cast a bait in sometimes free line if close enough or if not I use a controller
RE: Floater fishing
I will try and find the compony name but my local tackle shop has just started selling soft flavoured mixers which still float but can take a hook and solid cast without sliping off
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