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Fisherwick Lakes  is a game venueFisherwick Lakes
Fisherwick Wood Lane, Whittington, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 8QF
Fisherwick is one of the best fisheries in the whole of the Midlands and provides a location for both game and coarse fishing that you will find thoroughly interesting, challenging and picturesque and overall provides excellent value for money.
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By andythecarper on 21 May 2015
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RE: Newby
Colwick park
New fisheries.
It's probably been asked before but is it possible to add a fishery ? Or do I need the consent of the fishery ? Or do you guys at management do all that ? I found a fishery and planning to go there at
Any thoughts on still water location for trout around or not too far from Merseyside!
RE: Anglers paradise
Good if u like catching goldfish
RE: RE: good ways to catch carp?
Sorry to add.. 16 hooks I use too... If your new I'd aim more to this size thinking if you start out with the big boys your lack experience you'll soon find yourself in trouble ending in a damaged fis
RE: RE: good ways to catch carp?
Very new to fishing with this year my first proper year with good gear.. But I landed fish in the second hand gear.. I use 10lbs main running to a quick change bead and 7lbs on my 4" hook length with
RE: Anglers paradise
Gets some good reports
RE: Hello fellow fishing nuts..
Lads your top guys. Thank you Hope fishing going well for all.. Happy days for all
Anglers paradise
Has anybody fished anglers paradise I'm thinking about going for a week just wanted to know what you all thought of the place?
Best places in the Midlands
Just wanted to no where the best places to fish in the Midlands I'm after big carp n cat fish
RE: Where's the best place to fish near Salisbury
Withering farm is a pretty good commercial fishery. If you don't mind going afar get to Oxford linear
RE: Where's the best place to fish near Salisbury
In the local area this weekend but other then that as far as it takes to find a really great place
RE: Hello fellow fishing nuts..
A good stock fish for match waters as they don't grow to large and will feed all year round .also they tend to be shoal fish
RE: Hello fellow fishing nuts..
Liam.. Thanks for that mate put me right 😀
RE: Hello fellow fishing nuts..
It's a strain of carp which only has food on its mind all year round. They also can't breed and don't go much bigger than 5lb
Hello fellow fishing nuts..
Just quick question... This F1 word comes up in most videos regarding smallish size fish.. What are they referring too with this F1 talk please.. Thanks for looking in as always.. Jay
I am 61 live in New Ollerton and i have been fishing since I was 5. Don't get to go much now ( except holidays ) as the wife works full time and she has the car.
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