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River Stour - Bounds Farm is a coarse venueRiver Stour - Bounds Farm
Approximately 2 miles of river offering good sport throughout the season. Huge Barbel, Chub and Roach are regularly caught from this stretch which connects to the top boundary of Throop. In the Summer months Barbel and Chub can be spotted on the shallower gravel runs by the observant angler.
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By captainkrabstix on 28 Aug 2015
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Match fishing
Yesterday I went to the venue I will be fishing open matches at from March next year, I need to have some understanding of how it fishes. I set up on peg 12 which gave plenty of open water and a ch
RE: A fishermen's trick
Yes... think i did alright for the money
RE: 15lb + mainline
Hello Guys and thanks for your response.. Well gents guess main reason the line i wanted be the rigs id like to buy all come in or around the 15lb hook length.. rig making is out the question been my
Guess it depends on how serious u are , u you using it for matches or just pleasure angling , ?
Have you tried Chapmans?
Have u tried DFS they always have a sale on :))) sorry not helpful lol
heya peeps Im after a new seat, want something comfortable but light on the wallet. Any suggestions ? Cheers
RE: 15lb + mainline
Hey mate. Fishoal is bang on my friend, I have fox warrior xt 15lb mainline, I trust this fully in my weedy waters ( when I get out on them lol ). It's an expensive way to do it but experiment, bu
RE: 15lb + mainline
Following on from boliebonker I have landed four carp over 30lbs on8lbs line. The best fish I have caught on light line was a 108lbs Tarpon on 6lbs line Its important to Mach the rod and line and also
RE: 15lb + mainline
For me personally i use mostly 12lb main line..maybe very rarely got to 15 when it's a real weedy venue. I always try to fish as light as I can safely go. The fight to land the fish on lighter line is
RE: 15lb + mainline
Sorry first post sent to a link plz check out second post .
RE: 15lb + mainline
RE: 15lb + mainline
[PDF]WHAT WILL YOUR LINE ACTUALLY BREAK AT? - The Tacklebox › line_tests_issue2 Hope this helps as some additional info
RE: 15lb + mainline
I am using 12lbs Stren no problems with it and it's not that expensive
RE: 15lb + mainline
Have to say I only ever use 12lbs and only ramp it up to 15lbs if I. A very weedy lake
RE: 15lb + mainline
Jase, what are you trying to catch 🐋 or 🐳 or 🐟. Go on utube and look at the thinking tackle serious. Lots of good information to be had.
15lb + mainline
Hey there Fellow fishing nuts, Here again picking your brains per norm... So Guys you may know ive upped my gear to more specimen style and looking for a mainline under the 20lb mark around 17lbs to
RE: Which baits are best for Carp?
Well ive just upped my game from method feeder to more aimed at specimen fishing.. what i started using was 35mm PVA mesh and making 3" long nuggets that i call them... what i started using was sonuba
RE: Long time
Enjoy your return to fishing Tight lines
Long time
How we all doing guys. Haven't been on here in a while. Clash of clans taken over my life. Saying that no had much fishing done either. Had 1 24hr at local lake since April. Lost one off the surface
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