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Gilmore Ponds is a coarse venueGilmore Ponds
Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Gillmore Ponds is a venue with two farm ponds in North Yorkshire.
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nice 1lb roach on dog biscuit
By ped on 21 Jul 2016
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RE: Yo
Hoping the shoulder will be ok by next weekend and i can get out on one of my new club waters for 24hours
RE: Yo
Hi Macca have not decided yet. There's a lake not to far away that I have not fished yet or I might try river.shall see what weather is like as thunder is forecast. Not going till this afternoon .
RE: Yo
No till next Friday , booked a nite carp fishing
RE: Yo
Wish i could dislocated my shoulder a couple weeks ago competing :/ where you off mate?
RE: Yo
Going out tomorrow , let's hope they are on the feed .
Whos out the weekend?
RE: Arriving at a new day ticket venue
If its big and plenty of space use your time and keep mobile if there not there you wont catch um!
RE: Park lakes
Cheers fellas these two came out of the blue though so thinkin i was lucky if anythin lol
RE: Park lakes
Nice looking fish sir
RE: Park lakes
Looks like you are doing ok
RE: Park lakes
And another
RE: Park lakes
One i had from a local park
Park lakes
Any favourite methods or rigs for taking on public spots?
I've done most types of angling , match , course / river /still ? Carp , pred fishing .sea , but this year have have one to the fact it's rather carp at night for for me it's dry fly up steam chalk f
RE: Arriving at a new day ticket venue
I just fish a swim I fancy and fish method I am happy with accurate feeding and casting brings results
Arriving at a new day ticket venue
Hello ! I'm heading to a new fishery on Thursday and wondering what's people's tactics when doing so ? Is it the best looking swim you go for ? Do you search for the fish and climb all the trees ? Wh
RE: Fishing UK 3.0 now on Android
so i have 2.0 but theres no option to update to 3.0 on google play store
Pike Fishing Venues.
Hi Steve White. Thanks for your comment. Yes indeed the app should allow you to filter for species but I've tried that without success hence my post?
Good luck with launch
Nice idea Darren .
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