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Pockeridge Lakes is a coarse venuePockeridge Lakes
Corsham, Wiltshire
The species to be caught include double figure Carp, Tench, Perch to 4lb, and healthy stocks of Roach and Rudd.
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By Danbilly7 on 24 Mar 2015
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RE: Sharing is caring
Hi Minty ,I have not received any emails Cheers Alan
RE: Alarms
I swear by delkim txi's but they are pricey , nash are as the others have said very good for the money but if ur budget is tight , concider do u need a reciver ie are u Gona night fish ? Ask ur local
RE: Zig rig
I think I'm corect in thinking u mean one of these .. Have to say never used one myself max I've ever used a zig in is 8ft and rather than foam I used a trimmed up pop up ,, if fishing 12 ft I have to
RE: Zig rig
If your struggling with casting put some dissolvable foam on the hook point and lay the rig on your mat or in a bucket and it shouldn't tangle or snag anything
RE: Alarms
Yes I agree the s5r wi the reciever r great value fa money my mate got some
RE: Zig rig
No the foam holds it up by it self the most I use is up to 12 foot then any more than that I use an adjustable it's easier to play the fish
RE: Zig rig
I don't understand what you mean why would you need a float on a zig unless it was an adjustable but that doesn't sound like what your explaining
RE: Alarms
There seems to be a big chose depends on what you want to spend
Zig rig
If your fishing with a 10ft zig do you have to use a bubble float as well or can the foam hold it by itself????
RE: Alarms
Fox warrior alarms aren't bad for money but u carnt get a receiver or Nash siren s5 are only £25 or the s5r £50 n u can buy receiver for the s5r I had em n they was great for price
What's the best value for money alarms can anyonehelp
RE: Warrior s
3lbs test will handle any Carp.
RE: Warrior s
Cheers lads
RE: Warrior s
I have the warrior s spider rod and it's great . Bargain for 50 quid
RE: Warrior s
There made by fox arn't they ? If they are then there a good entry level rod especially if ur starting out and at 3lbs will coup with big fish with no problems just if ur after big fish make sure u
Warrior s
Hi just bought some warrior s rods I've just started fishing are they decent rods and will they hold big fish they are 3lb tc cheers
RE: Keep nets
I fished a different stretch of the same canal recently and just caught small silvers.
RE: Keep nets
Liam, the match weights at the moment are around 6lb to win. My thoughts would be to see if I can get a combo deal when I go to the big one show on Sunday.
RE: Keep nets
If it's a nagging up water I would get two and split the weight between them or have the large in one and small ones in the other
RE: Making boilies
A friend of mine was playing around with blueberr in his boilie mix , they smelt ok but not sure how they worked on the lake ,
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