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Churchgate Lakes is a coarse venueChurchgate Lakes
Churchgate Lakes Rectory Lane Battlesbridge Essex SS11 7QR
Nestled in the undulating Essex countryside, Churchgate Lakes offers some of the finest fishing available in the country. Set amidst a stunning 20-acre estate, the fishery is comprised of four lakes, each heavily stocked with large fish and a diverse range of species all to Specimen size.
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Sj carper with another Churchgate stunner.
By wee- man on 17 Apr 2015
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RE: Roll on end of March
And last yesterday
RE: Roll on end of March
Couple fish I've had
RE: Roll on end of March
Well this boys been out since getting my licence.. Share couple pics of my set up after been help/guided into buying better gear then cheap
RE: Bivvys
I av a trakker and wen I take the built in ground sheet and mozzi net out it's more like a two man easy to put up as well I wud say get a trakker as the sayin goes y av cotton wen u can av silk!
RE: Bivvys
I looked on gumtree and found a mk2 pram hood 1 man biviy for £100 it's got a fitted ground sheet and an inter mozzi lining no rips etc says 1 man but more 2 it fits my Nash wide boy in with room , do
RE: Bivvys
Jrc cocoon is going to be my next bivvy I've got two friends that use them and love them
Hi all have 250 to spend on a 2 man bivvy could really do with your help in choosing one thanks any suggestions
RE: Holidays and inexperience
I've tried looking for some but can't find any local to me's species list and sizes caught
For those of you with Facebook, please click on the link and check out our species list and sizes that we have had on past trips:
We have secured some really good discounted prices for some of our Peacock Bass trips to the Rio Negro and its tributaries in Brazil, deep in the jungle on both houseboat and floating pontoon/camps (a
RE: Suger
Being serious I have used syrup in ground-bait but not sure it made a difference .
RE: Suger
In my coffee
RE: Suger
I always put sugar in hemp or parti mix while I'm boiling it only a little tho. I then add salt when I'm making my spod mix up
Has anybody tryed using suger?
RE: Pole fishing
Love the MAP range, no trimming required on top kits! True length, currently own the TKS501 the TKS range are worth a look!
RE: Pole rollers
A majority of poles are expensive, I use two rollers as I hate to see a sag in the pole and it would break my heart if it snapped because only sticking to one!!
RE: Chod
Blow back rigs for me failing that a good old fashion method feeder
RE: Chod
Zigs are good all year as long as you find the depth. Combi for when your on pressured water and the fish are picky and the stiff hinge as a single for picking up the bigger fish.
RE: Chod
Zigs, combi and stuff hinge
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