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Manor Farm Fishing is a coarse venueManor Farm Fishing
Lower Caldecote Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 9BB
A specialist carp, bream, pike, match and trout fishery based in Bedfordshire, UK. Boasting 6 lakes set in 86 acres of woodland. New for 2007: An extensively stocked tackle store, offering a full range of bait, rods, reels, terminal tackle, flies, luggage, clothing and refreshments. Open 7 days a week from 7am.
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29.10 winters lake
By kokicarp on 17 Oct 2016
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RE: Fav fly team pattern for November
Cool , I tried a team of three on Monday on a lake , had floating line with 8 ft leader with a size 12 white gold head buzzer on point a epoxy black buzzer on dropper and a reddish klinkerhammer on fr
RE: Pollan
Pretty rare fish!!
RE: Fav fly team pattern for November
Lures if allowed if not a small black fly
Has anyone ever seen a pollan being caught on rod and line, maybe a photo or if it appeared in a book magazine or newspaper. I will need captors name, venue, year, weight of fish, method of capture.
RE: New members introduction
Fish Records specialist - Hello all, I noticed this on this website, has anyone got details of the captor and the year it was caught? I contacted the fishery about it, they have new owners and no-one
RE: Tiger trout
Minty It took 4 years for you to get a reply, I don't think wild tigers exist, they are I believe sterile hybrids of brown/brook which are bred in captivity. I do stand to be corrected of course.
Fav fly team pattern for November
Hey all so I was wondering , what's your favoured go to fly team you use for this time of the year ?
RE: Method feeder
It does , it insures when u cast it stops at the same spot every time , but as I said don't forget to unclip before u put the rod down otherwise ur likley to loss ur rod in the drink if u get a take
RE: Method feeder
Nice one thanks mate silly q but by clip up do you mean line on the plastic bit on reel
RE: Method feeder
I would say clip up , cast to the same spot to build up the swim and remember to unclip once ur in the rest and reclip before recasting , I know this sounds like common sense ,but it's amazing how man
Method feeder
I'm going to try the method feeder next weekend any tips would be appreciated as it will be my first time
RE: Arriving at a new day ticket venue
As long as your happy with your rig, casting and lay you'll be fine, it takes time to get a hang of a lake. Have a chat with the locals and keep it simple.
RE: Blank blank blank
Try different techniques? Maybe , method feeders , ? Different rigs or bait ,, different waters ?
RE: Blank blank blank
Perhaps go back to basics. If that does not succeed take up 🍷🍷🍷🍸🍸🍸🍾🍾. I have had same problem this year not catching on Carp gear, but catching on feeder and pole . Had ten doubles on feeder
Blank blank blank
I'v been fishing for 30 years + corse ! Sea ! Carp! In that order over the years ! , I'v resonantly found myself blanking every session over nights 24 hours 48 hours ! Don't know wtf is going on ! Not
RE: Help
Nice one thanks for your help like I said am very new to this but absolutely love sitting over the lakes
RE: Help
Ho as for bread crust u can do both , on a river I just hook a lump of crust to a hook and let the current take it down stream On a still water I found if ur fishing on the top I use a controller flo
RE: Help
Right bit of a tricky on this , Guess it depends on what ur fishing for , If ur looking for perch , silvers etc I would say yes as the 6lbs is just ur main line , I would then use say a size 16 anim
Hi all 2 questions. Can I use a 6 lb line for float fishing if so whet hook lengh would be best? Also do I need to use a float to fish bread crust on the top see it in a mag looks fun thanks for any
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