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River Farm Fishery is a coarse venueRiver Farm Fishery
Fontley Rd, Titchfield, Hampshire PO15 6QZ
Fishery with a small lake noted for Carp fishing.
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By kizcarp22 on 15 Nov 2015
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RE: Favourite all time bait
Dynamite green ground bait I use it as paste and as ground bait best catch using as past 85 Carp on pole in a session
RE: Favourite all time bait
Mine has to be Dynamite baits 'the source'. It has been the downfall of many of my capture and has saved me from many blanks 👍
Favourite all time bait
What's everyone's favourite all time bait?
Hi all
Hi guys, new to the forum, any Essex carpers out there
RE: rigs
Has to be the KD rig for me. I can honestly say I've never dropped a fish using it. Awesome rig in my views
RE: Bedchair upgrade
Thanks for the replies guys 👍 I want something not to big, looked at the indulgence ones n they seem to big n bulky for me, I've got a wychwood extremis brolley system so want something that would fi
RE: Bedchair upgrade
I've got the three leg normal size Nash indulgence. I've never slept on anything other so not able to compare with anything. Well made, no adjusters on side and easy folds up with my sleep system stil
RE: Bedchair upgrade
I've had a few over the years but swear by my Nash indulgence wide boy Defo the most comfortable one I have had , down side is the size , it go's Nicely under my Nash pram hood 1.5 man bivvy but not m
RE: Nepal
Sorry guys it's Mepal, should have worn my glasses
Hi guys, anyone fishing or fished Nepal on the saffron walden club card.
Mopley pond in Hampshire
Has anyone fished Mopley pond in Hampshire lately, not been there for a while and wanted to know if any bigguns have been out, or any of the big leather carp have been caught??? Cheers 👍
Returning member
Hi all, I'm a returning member after a couple of years not using the app due to being able to access my account. I'm a carp angler from southampton, my PB common carp is 28lb which I caught on a 2hr l
Bedchair upgrade
Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my bedchair but unsure of what to go for. I've got a JRC 6leg specialist one at the moment. Anyone recommend any?? Pros n cons etc. Thanks 👍
RE: Pike
I have always found either sprat or mackerel to work best. In my experience dead baiting is best done on a float rather than on the bottom?
Norfolk broad piking
Hi guys and girls. Every year me, my dad and my brother in law have our annual pike fishing trip for a week to the broads. We have had a lot of success in the past but have noticed over the past 2-3 y
RE: Landing nets
Ok cheers fishoAI Don't seem be able find any other blocks similar to this other then the brand I've shown.. I'm liking the idea behind it but not its price lol
RE: Landing nets
Hi Jase sorry didn't reply sooner just seen your message my net is similar but it has no make on it.Its one i bought in France FishoAl
The JRC contact chair are only £40 mate.. Just got one and for the money really pleased
RE: Take a look
Ah I get yeah now lol Price of poles I'd be cheesed of something rotten
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