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Churchgate Lakes is a coarse venueChurchgate Lakes
Churchgate Lakes Rectory Lane Battlesbridge Essex SS11 7QR
Nestled in the undulating Essex countryside, Churchgate Lakes offers some of the finest fishing available in the country. Set amidst a stunning 20-acre estate, the fishery is comprised of four lakes, each heavily stocked with large fish and a diverse range of species all to Specimen size.
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same session beat her 16lb Pb with this common weighing in at 17lb keep on sweetheart both daughters doing it with there dad.
By wee- man on 21 Oct 2014
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would you use a maggot clip for carp at the moment, ive been told i could be up all night with nucience pearch and roach, any thoughts guys
RE: What you lot using?
Upcoming fishing trip bait I have... Sonubaits krill 2mm feed pellets Sonubaits F1 s-pellets 6mm Sonubaits fishmeal soft hooker pellets Dynamite robin red pellets 6mm Dynamite baits 3mm marine halibut
RE: 120 pound cat fish
Can't see the camera next to the reply icon??
RE: 120 pound cat fish
Reply to this thread and click the camera icon next to the reply button
RE: What you lot using?
Yeah those are the hooks I'm thinking of the circle type ones.. Do you know I'm thinking about the pre made rigs myself.. Reckon I'm doing more damage to the line heavy handed... I'll keep having a go
RE: What you lot using?
What are you fishing for? I use pre-tied hook lengths. The circle type hooks are probably the self hooking you mean.
RE: What you lot using?
Just having a go tying a rig myself for first time. I know it's not the best but bare in mind bricklayers fingers and my first go.. Setting the shrink tube.. How much shorter dose it need be ?
Hi, Gary from west wales.
Hi I'm Gary and enjoy most aspects of fishing. My first love is fly fishing mostly on trout lakes, I have been doing a lot of sea fishing recently as well a trying to teach my 9 year old daughter as m
West Wales Shore Fishing?
Anyone know of good spots from shore in west wales.
RE: What you lot using?
Thanks Dave... Yeah got a pkt 10s and thought they was big.. So 16/18 ...I got already some mustard long points 16.. Any others you can recommend.. I like the look of those self hooking type hooks ar
RE: What you lot using?
Jase, size 10 hooks are on the big side. Use 2mm/4mm pellets in the feeder with a 6mm pellet on the band. Size 16/18 hooks are fine for most fish.
120 pound cat fish
A mate of mine sent me s picture of is 120 pound cat fish caught at blue bell, you want to see the monster lol If some one can tell me how to up load the picture I will
RE: Hi all
Welcome on board fellow fishing nut
Well fellow fishermen I've jumped in and got rigged out with all needed and just waiting for goods to arrive.. Thanks for all your responses:-)
‘LOST WORLD’ AMAZON FISHING EXPEDITION – a combination 2-in-1 Giant Three Bar Peacock Bass and multi-species adventure trip set in the deepest Amazon Jungle in Indian territory. If you’ve ever wanted
RE: What you lot using?
Thanks chaps. Good tip with certain fisheries only allowing there own type so thanks for that Red robin hay .. I'll head to them when I hit the shop :-)
RE: Hi all
Welcome, I used to fish off Brighton
RE: Portsmouth
Hi mate, Plenty of codling showing aswell as big bass. After these strong SW and big spring tides. It should fish it's nuts of :-) Cheers Andy
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