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Loughgall Lake is a coarse venueLoughgall Lake
Loughgall, County Armagh
Lake noted for Bream, Roach, Tench, Pike, Perch and Carp fishing.
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30lb carp Irish record !!!! at Loughgall country park Irish record
By gerrard on 01 Sep 2014
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Any good sessions in the Solent at all???
RE: Looking for cat fish
Leighton Pools has big Cats & Sturgeon. It's on the the App if you go to the home page and go to Search for a Venue and put in the name there are some good pictures of the fish!!!
Looking for cat fish
Anyone know where I can fish for cat fish in the West Midlands
Scotland fishing
Is there any ideas for fishing in Scotland?
Old mill lake market raison
Hi all just wondering about any tips for fishing here ?
Good carp lakes (day ticket) in North London
Are there any carp anglers in the North London region who can recommend some decent carp lakes that are on day ticket or reasonable membership cost!
RE: Woodland waters
Hey Lee, only just got this app, sorry if you've already been. Fished match lake 5/6 times this year. Tench seem to have disappeared last few years - lots of carp around 3-8lbs now, plenty of silvers
RE: Buying bulk boilies
Shortferry angling 10k nash monsters quid all the colours £80 all sizes I just bought 10k fa France in 3 weeks!
RE: Why do you fish
It's me time that I don't have to share with any one else. I am happy chatting with other anglers, I enjoy planning my next day out and deciding where to fish.
RE: Clipping up my spod?
Hi I always clip everything up the same distance if fishin the bottom because I want the fish to feed with out hittin lines and spookin it's norm only a few feet distance then they can move into my ri
RE: getting back into fishing
Hi Alf, welcome back, it never leaves you. As the others have said, keep posting in the forums cos you'll get some great tips and advice.
RE: Hi all
Hi Dave, welcome to Fishing UK. As Al said, have you looked at the rig pages in the app? Post some questions in the forums and you'll get some good advice.
RE: Hey all I'm dan from South Wales :)
Bit late I know, but welcome to Fishing UK Dan.
RE: I'm lee from Blackpool
Hi Lee, my hometown. Welcome to Fishing UK, if you know of any venues we're missing let us know and we'll get them added.
Day fishing
Hi I'm looking for any where decent to fish which has day tickets near mablethorpe
RE: Clipping up my spod?
Thanks for the replies I have now found the answer online, which confirms you were right, clip your rods the same as the maker, then clip your spod 1ft shorter for every 3ft of depth. Thanks again!
RE: Fishing in London!
Try the thames there will be pike , perch and loads of other spieces of fish Good luck Tight lines , wet nets :)
RE: sea bass
Hi , Try using a spinner if " your friend " has prepellar on the boat flick the spinner out and let the boat spin the spinner . Good luck
RE: Clipping up my spod?
Try utube for the thinking tackle series. Loads of good advice about all aspects of carp fishing
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