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Chigborough is a coarse venueChigborough
Scraley Road, Maldon, Essex
Lake noted for Carp, Eels, Bream, Roach and Rudd fishing. Run by Cemex Angling.
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almost landed that pike
By rich1977 on 22 Apr 2014
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RE: Fishing UK on Android
Been a very long time since I first raised this problem?! Is there another way to get this resolved other than on the forum? Very good on iPhone, but what a waste of money on android!
Amazon Rainforest Explorer Trip - film footage
This link is to some filming that we did on our 'Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp Trip' for the adventure fishing series for Discovery UK called Fishing Expedition – Amazonia. The clip is a promo I m
RE: help
Haha i know it would make sense to go to different water but as theres alot less 20s in here i think it would feel alot better when i get one
RE: New member
Tell us your problems I am sure someone will help
RE: help
Go to a water with bigger fish
RE: Sharing is caring
No reason minty just do not use it
RE: help
Small particle seeds and a hi viz pop up
RE: help
I've always found method feeders work best with the bug fish , single bait on a short hook length with a mix if partials , I add a but of sweet corn and casters to the mix to get em going
RE: help
Good bait, target where the bigger fish are then keep baiting just with the same boilies as you're putting on your hook, the bigger fish will push through the smaller ones, you'll probably catch a few
RE: help
I was thinking of going for a particle approach tbh mate never tried it up there spod out some corn hemp pellets boilies crushed n that maybe some tuna see what happens
RE: New member
Post any problems you are having and I'm sure I will or everyone else on here will try to help :-)
RE: help
Hi Macca, simple rig and simple bait. Do what you are confident with, some of the biggest carp are caught on particle baits like maize/corn. When the weather heats up and the fish start feeding of the
New member
Recently got back into fishing again after about 10 yrs on and off just looking for help, advice, tips
RE: help
I'm after my first 20 also mate, I've been told to keep it simple and use a good quality bait, good luck mate.
Im looking for my first 20 at the minute and a new pb im fishing a lake near me that holds a lot of low to mid double fish an only a small number of 20+ fish, its not a big lake but how would you go a
RE: Pellet waggling
Look on venue pages
Pellet waggling
Hi there does anyone know of any decent pellet waggling waters around Manchester
Skegness water leisure
This venue is spot on, carp over 20ld and roach over 2ld and the odd golden tench. It's a day ticket venue opposite butlins Skegness
RE: Sharing is caring
I do like this app the only thing I want to no is how come it sometimes freezers and won't load posts? Just wounded if it happens to anyone else???
RE: carping this year??
Doing well now the weather's started to change and warm up, few twenties etc on the syndi. Still searching for that 30!!
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