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24 March 2013
Summerhayes Open - 24th March 2013
By redtail @ 21:27 :: 1829 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

I must admit I'm fed up with this weather now, I look forward all week to fishing on a Sunday but when it's as cold as this, it's not much fun and the fish don't really want to play ball either. Janders was coming along for the ride this week and was hoping for a few bites after blanking at Perry St last week. It didn't feel too cold as I loaded the car and we hadn't had a frost so hopefully we should get a few fish today. We got to Bridgwater and as always it felt a few degrees colder due to a biting wind, with 15 anglers fishing today Pete had split the match with 11 pegs on Sellicks and the remainder on the dreaded Lily. To be fair, Lily normally produces some of the framing weights but as it's mainly carp, it's not my favourite pond.

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17 March 2013
Summerhayes Open - 17th March 2013
By redtail @ 20:39 :: 1755 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

I did some more prep last night which is nearly unheard of for me and was looking forward to another nice days silvers fishing at Summerhayes. First thing was a tad chilly but it was looking brighter by the minute as I travelled to Bridgwater, on arriving, the car park was rammed as there was also a match on Longs today. I went to pick up my keepnets and met a chap fishing the other match who recognised me from the blog and said he really enjoyed reading it which got my day off to a nice start. I didn't catch his name but if you're reading this, I hope you had a good day and bagged up!

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10 March 2013
Summerhayes Open - 10th March 2013
By redtail @ 20:59 :: 1503 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

With the temperature on the mild side during the week I was really looking forward to a days skimmer fishing but then I contracted the lurgy and felt awful and on Friday I couldn't see me fishing this weekend. I felt a bit better waking up this morning and we hadn't had a frost so it was all systems go for skimmers. I had ordered some MW F1 Slim floats and they arrived on Friday so I made some rigs on Saturday and couldn't wait to use them in anger (well if they're good enough for Steve Ringer, they're good enough for me!).

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03 March 2013
Dillington Pond Pairs Open - 3rd March 2013
By redtail @ 21:13 :: 1620 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

With the river fishing badly for the last couple of matches, the plan for the pairs was to have a section on the canal and a section out at Dillington. My partner Justin was happy to go to the canal and I quite fancied Dillington as there are normally bites to be had out there. There was a wicked frost overnight and my fears were confirmed when I got to the pub and Rob said the canal was frozen over and we would all go out the pond. There was a decent turnout of 14 anglers including Andy Welch, Ned and Dave Gudgeon plus Ashley and Scotty who had actually gone up the Crown for the draw which just goes to show how long it is since they fished an Ilminster match! I had a good start to the day when Pete handed me an envelope containing £60 for finishing second in the V.E.S. league last week.

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24 February 2013
River Isle - 24th Feb 2013
By redtail @ 22:18 :: 1404 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

The weather had been bitterly cold all week and the final V.E.S. match was looking like another grueller. Rob had done the right thing by putting us all down the bottom end at Redbridge and Isle Brewers and hopefully we should get a few bites. Martin had already secured the league title once again and as Justin wasn't fishing today, my second place was safe too. I couldn't catch Martin as the worst points total he could finish with was eight and even if I won my section today I'd finish on the same points and he has a far superior total weight. There were still several anglers fighting it out for the third spot though. Also there were three golden pegs today so it was odds on somebody would be in for a bumper payday.

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17 February 2013
River Isle - 17th Feb 2013
By redtail @ 21:30 :: 1438 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

I should have known better than to post an update yesterday on how well the fishing was holding up on the Isle (but more of that later). I awoke this morning and was greeted with a frost but the outlook for the day was still quite bright and it looked like being a lovely day. I got to the pub and the first person I saw was Fred Brown who was fishing his first match of the campaign and it was lovely to see him for the first time in ages. With Rob not fishing today it was left to us to sort out the pegging, after Redbridge and Isle Brewers hadn't fished great last time out we decided to use the top end and Ashford.

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12 February 2013
Ilminster Canal - Open - 10th Feb 2013
By redtail @ 21:02 :: 1451 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

With the amount of rain we had on Saturday and throughout the night I knew we wouldn't be on the river today, after my recent run of decent results I was hoping we'd be out the pond today. The first surprise of the day was when I got to the pub and Matt Pang from work was there, the second surprise was when Pete told me we were down the canal today. I felt a little sorry for Matt as he'd only brought river rigs with him but I said I'd lend him anything he needed. I drew peg 5 which would put roughly in the middle of the canal and Matt drew next door.

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12 November 2010
Fishing UK - iPhone app for fishing in the UK - 01.05.00
By Steve White @ 19:11 :: 1829 Views :: 0 Comments :: Fishing UK iPhone app

The latest (01.05.00) release of the Fishing UK iPhone app is out!

This release has the following updates:

  • FIX - Nearest Fisheries fix
  • FIX - Disable Add Review button when pressed
  • FIX - Disable Add Photo button when pressed
  • ENH - Split Coarse and Game and add new icons
  • ENH - Trim Twitter news feed title on item list screen

The app now has over 2400 coarse and fly fishing venues to fish including Rivers, Ponds, Fisheries and Lakes

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21 July 2010
Fishing UK - iPhone app for fishing in the UK - 01.03.00
By Steve White @ 21:12 :: 2022 Views :: 0 Comments :: Fishing UK iPhone app

The latest (01.03.00) release of the Fishing UK iPhone app is out!

This release has the following updates:

  • ENH - Fishery details website link now opens in Safari
  • ENH - Added 5 star rating system
  • ENH - Added iOS 4.0 compatability
  • ENH - Added multi-tasking support

The app now has over 400 places to fish and supports: add a fishery, search by location, upload photos, add tips, add reviews, driving directions.

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09 April 2008
Session at Evesbatch Fishery, Herefordshire
By Steve White @ 20:27 :: 4068 Views :: 0 Comments :: My Session

Evesbatch FisheryEvesbatch Fishery

After the recent snows I was reluctant to go to Evesbatch Fishery but I set out on a frosty morning to see what would happen.

I was rewarded by a perfect days fishing where it was a bite a cast all day.

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