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At FUK, we're getting tired of same old, same old. Same faces giving same. We're for real anglers, not interested in career anglers, big fish, show off guff. We just go fishing, catch what we
RE: Cc morres depth charge
Don't be negative, you won't get Christmas presents
RE: Cc morres depth charge
Ok well , this. Seems dead , no chat , not updates , dying app. ,, good luck all if anyone’s out there
RE: Cc morres depth charge
Well I bought some ,, makes a great stick mix and can see it working in a sloppy spod mix too , only had a few hrs at the bank with a hard frost so not surprised it didn’t work May try the river with
RE: Roach / chub , highrid ?
Didn’t post first time
Roach / chub , highrid ?
Hi all bagged this stunner the other day , I took a pi on my forearm as a perspective, it’s mouth was more roach , coral fins but the size and length ? What’s ur thoughts ?
Cc morres depth charge
Hi all has anyone played with the cc moores depth charge bait ? As the rivers are getting colder I was thinking of getting some for some barbel and carp on the river lea
RE: The river lee
RE: The river lee
We're here, made by real anglers for real anglers
RE: New members introduction
Hello , my name is Darren and I’m an alcoholic !!! Hang on wrong website !!
RE: The river lee
Is this app , still active ??!
RE: Back in wales
Get on the fluff chucking , as u must know the trout are epic there
The river lee
Hi all , has anyone had much to do with the wheathamstead Stretch of the lea , , I know you river folk arnt keen of sharing info but any help is appreciated
RE: Looking at doing a week session
Fachwen in Newtown, Powys
Big carp lake
Can any one recommend a lake to do a week session for big carp
Looking at doing a week session
I’m looking at doing a week session can any one recommend a big carp lake
Looking at doing a week session
Can any one recommend any good lakes with big carp
Multi rig
I’m thinking of using the multi rig over a weed bed any advice on others
Frant Lakes
Doing a 48 hours session in frant any tips
Multi rig
I’m fishing a fairly snaggy lake next week and was thinking of using the multi rig but would love peoples opinion on alternatives
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Par Fisheries is a coarse venuePar Fisheries
116-118 Warley Hill, Warley, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5HB
The location is divided into two lakes both offering some of the very best Carp and Catfish fishing in the county. No crowded banks, all tickets sold are strictly limited and swims can be pre-booked if you have a preference.
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Overall rating for Par Fisheries
By soulcube on 09 Mar 2019
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Frant Lakes


When on carpark lake cast just in front of. The bridge and your catch all day

Frant Lakes


Fished 3 rods on lake 8 keep too the margins and yellow wafters work amazing

Charlton Pond


As a local angler I’ve fished this pond for the last 20 year. There are plenty more species in the pond including big tench in both front and back pond, more harder to target in the front but very fun sport if you can target them, there are large shoals of crucial in both again easily fished for on the front with soft pellet and micros on the bottom. Plenty of roach and silver fishing 30lb of silvers is an average of target for the little pond, maggot and corn works well. Other species include Rudd roach gudgeon. Also the carp have grew over the years some reaching 10lb plus in the front pond! For anyone who’s a novice or the average match angler this day ticket water is a good days fishing no matter the target species also has plenty of facilities around! For £2 simply can’t go wrong!

Dromonby Farm Fishery


Hallibut pellets in a pva bag one in the hair never fails

Blasford Hill


Feed them and they will come.

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Par Fisheries


Great Lake, fish are in great condition from the carp to catfish. I have caught & blanked at this lake but shall keep coming back as surroundings & atmosphere here pleasant & tranquil & locked gate for security 👍👍👍👍👍

Rye Hill Lake


I have been told it is not possible to fish this venue anymore as it has changed ownership. Took a drive out there and all signposted private can any one confirm?

Glebe Court Lakes


An excellent days fishing in nice surroundings

Nell Bridge Fishery


Not the place it used to be a few years ago, very disappointed

The Goldfish Bowl


I caught a dozen carp when fishing there, all in good condition.