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River Farm Fishery is a coarse venueRiver Farm Fishery
Fontley Rd, Titchfield, Hampshire PO15 6QZ
Fishery with a small lake noted for Carp fishing.
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By kizcarp22 on 27 Feb 2018
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Weybread Fishery

Fished the smaller lake for 2 days as staying in one of the lodges and the specimen lake was fully booked all weekend. Plenty of nice small carp up to 10lb on 15mm fruit boiles against the island and sweet corn in the margins on light tackle.

Mawgan Porth Pools and Lakes

I was fishing corn on pole feeding pellets got 41 carp all good sizes

Lawn Farm Fishery


Pre feed, about an hour before you fish the area, used mix of brown and red crumb mixed size pellets and some mild curry powder, they love it, maggots on the float and pellets on a feeder, 2mm on the feeder with a 6mm krill red on a band. Could not keep up with bites

Snowland Angling Centre

Best at moment on pole corn feed 4 about Avery 10 min

Crow Green Fishery


Pellet all day long.

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Southfield Fisheries


Very friendly owners and a bit more challenging than some fisheries

Carthagena Fishery


Well run beautiful syndicate with the friendliest members I have ever experienced Makes u feel privileged to be a part of it

Mawgan Porth Pools and Lakes

What a day 5 April 2017 when with brother I law he got 21 carp on float and feeder I got 41 on the pole sweet corn on size 12 feeding pellets fest days fishing in my hole life

Rex Atkins Water


Talk to the valid for tips on swims, had nothing for 2 hours, moved to advised swim good bite on first cast. Pays to listen even if the days is slow overall

Lawn Farm Fishery


An amazing fishery, used a good few times now, through the winter into spring, very well run, good fish. Last Saturday I can only call prolific. 2 rods 1 float, bite on every cast almost.