Gobio gobio

Current British record: 5oz (1990) D H Hull, River Nadder, Sutton Mandeville, Wilts


In comparison to its body, the Gudgeon's head is quite large, it has a streamline body with a flat belly. The Gudgeon has a blue tinge to its flanks and a brown back. Gudgeon are a small species and it is rare to catch one of a specimen size.


These guys only come in small and extra small compared to other species, The Gudgeon averages around 1 to 2 ounces. The largest found in the UK is recorded at 5oz, Some may frown at catching such a small fish but when set the challenge of catching a good size Gudgeon, many struggle as large Gudgeon are not common.


The average length for an adult Gudgeon is around three to four inches from tip to tail.


With a short life span of only 3 - 5 years, this species does not live long compared to other species that it may share its living environment with.


Their preferred environment would be within a fast flowing river, these will also take up residence in lakes, canals and ponds. The Gudgeon will sniff out its meal on the bottom, it will use its two barbels to rummage among the gravel and substrate.


Gudgeon tend to shoal and in large numbers! They are at times found in their hundreds, If you catch one then expect to catch another.


The Gudgeon will eat many things but its favourite dish is the freshwater shrimp, they enjoy protein packed foods that provide energy. Gudgeon will eat off the bottom and will eat larvae and other insects. When fishing for Gudgeon, make sure that you use small lively baits, maggots, bloodworms and pinkies work a treat.


This species will mature at around 3 - 4 years, relatively close to the end of their life.


Once the temperature has reached around 14 degrees in the months of May to June, this is when the Gudgeon will breed. The females will lay around 1500 to 6500 eggs within the weeds and large gravelled areas. It will take the eggs 10 days to hatch.


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