Perca fluviatilis

Current British record: 6lb 3oz (2011) Neil Stephen, Stream Valley Lakes, Crowborough, Sussex


The perfect hunter, with its large mouth, this species will use its camouflage to its advantage and will hunt to kill. The Perch spends a lot of its time with others of similar weight and age and will eat prey up to half its own width. This is a well armoured, camouflaged ambush predator that is a pro when it comes to survival.


With a UK record of 5lb 9oz, this is a great species to land. The Perca Fluviatilis has a specimen weight of 2lb and will average in weight around 4 to 12 ounces.


The average size of an adult Perch will be between four to 10 inches in length from tip to tail.


Perch have shorter life spans compared to other coarse fish, on average a Perch will last around 10 to 13 years.


Perch live in a variety of venues and will inhabit rivers, lakes and canals throughout the UK and Europe. Perch are usually found in fast flowing rivers and will be caught around most features including tree roots, overhanging branches, reed beds, aquatic weed beds, undercut banks and man made structures such as peg jetties.


Perch will shoal with others of similar age and size, they will rise in the summer and spend the majority of the winter close to the bottom. Perch are known to be aggressive fish and are next in line after the predatory Pike.


The Perch will attempt to eat anything that will fit into its mouth including its own species. Perch will hunt in packs and will single out its prey and lure them into the mouths of fellow species. Perch prefer live baits but are known to fall for the occasional caster, The most popular bait to catch a Perch would be the common worm, lobworm or maggots. An easy meal!


The Perch will reach sexual maturity at the age of four years when they are around 4 to 6 inches in length, their growth will slow around this time but in perfect conditions these species will grow throughout their lives. Females tend to mature a year after the males when they are large enough to breed.


Perch spawn in waters between 8 to 15 degrees, around the time of April to May. Females produce between 45000 and 135000 eggs per kilogram of weight. The eggs are white in colour and stick together in ribbons up to one metre in length. Eggs will wrap around weeds, roots and submerged branches. Fry tend to stick together in shallow waters where the water temperature is higher.


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