Scardinius erythrophthalmus

Current British record: 4lb 10oz (2001) Simon Parry, Freshwater Lake, Co Armagh, NI


This slim, deep bodies species is a gorgeous fish. With its buttery gold flanks and red tipped fins in perfect conditions this species is a beauty. Recognised by its protruding bottom jaw, this fish feeds from above, wither from the surface of the water or by catching falling food on its way to the depths.


With its specimen weight set to 2lb and its UK best at a huge 4lb 8oz these are a great species to hunt.


It is recorded that the average length for an adult Rudd is between four to eight inches from tip to tail.


The Rudd will survive a little longer that other species, its average life expectancy is between 10 to 12 years.


Rudd fair best in weeded areas where they is a lot of food and shelter. You will find Rudd in food rich lakes where there are less Roach as these are a competitor against food rations. You will also find Rudd in slow moving rivers. Rudd tend to stay mid to high depth in their habitat, ready to strike their food from below when confident enough to do so.


The Rudd is a shoaling fish and will eat the majority of food that passes its nose. The Rudd is a shy feeder and will be easily spooked light tackle will help prevent this. When one is caught, guide it away from the shoal as this will prevent the whole shoal from leaving your target area.


Rudd enjoy eating a variety of food from corn, maggots and worms to small flies and slow sinking nymphs. A slow sinking bait is a good start when aiming to catch a Rudd.


Adults will become sexually mature between the ages of two to three years.


The females will spawn in water temperatures between 14 to 23 degrees and within the months of May to June. The ladies will produce between 100000 to 200000 eggs per kg of body weight. The eggs will fall the to the base of their environment and will stick to anything that they touch, weeds, reeds and tree roots ect. The eggs will hatch between 10 to 12 days.


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