Tinca tinca

Current British record: 15lb 3oz (2001) D Ward, Sheepwalk big pit, Shepperton, Middlesex


The Tench is one of the most lovable fish about. With its olive green silky body and red bear like eyes, this is a bottom dwelling fish that any angler would be happy to land.


An average weight for a Tench is around the three pound mark, topping out at 15lb 3oz. These fish are a beautiful sight what ever the size.


With an amazing maximum length of 22-24 inches these fish go large. Expect to find the average tinca tinca at around 10 to 15 inches in length.


Studies show that the average Tench will survive for a maximum of 20 years.


You will find Tench in the majority of venues. Tench tend to stay away from slow moving current waters such as lochs and slow moving deep rivers. These are hardy fish are are able to survive in low oxygenated waters and are also known to survive polluted areas where others would go normally belly up.


These fish pack a punch. The Tench is a part of the Carp family and come out on top with the fight to weight ratio compared to other species. The Tench has small scales and has a mucus covered body simlilar to the Bream. This species puts up a fight on the bank as well as the water.


Tench support themselves with a staple diet of bloodworms, small crustaceans and tiny foods like daphnia. The common angler can seduce most Tench with a bright piece of corn, a red maggot and the common worm. Tench will eat off the bottom and will rarely come to the top to feed on flies and floating crust. The Tench are usually second to dine when sharing a venue with Carp as they are docile fish who let others eat first.


Tench are rather slow developers, they will reach sexual maturity around 4 years of age. The Males also have larger spoon shaped pelvic fins compared to the females.


The ladies lay around half a million eggs between the months of June to August. Although on the rare occation it has been known for spawning to not occur if the temperature is too cold. Adding up to a quarter of its own weight when fully loaded these species will lay their eggs in the thickest of weeds for a greater chance of survival. The tench fry will survive on microscopic food until brave enough to leave their environment and seek other forms of shelter and food. Tench will be around 1lb in weight when they leave the nest.


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