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Darenth Fishing Complex


Latitude: 51.41756 | Longitude: 0.240387

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Parsonage Lane, Dartford, Kent

01322 290150


Series of lakes noted for Bream, Carp, Pike and Tench fishing.


Permits are available from the Clubhouse or Bailiff.

Key Species:

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Pike
  • Tench

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This fishery is ok for a day session on the little lakes willow bling lake are good for small carp would not go night fishing on the big lakes again the people who run it are very rude


Darenth is not as bad as all the reviews I've read about on the net, ok the staff are a little rough around the edges but good at heart. However the fishing is fantastic, 12 hours 7 fish and all over 10lb when fishing willow lake. Highly recommend spam and pop ups. Seriously looking forward to fishing here again a great place!!


Please disregard my last note about this place. I visited again after last weeks trip. 3 of us went paying 15 pound each, when unloading the car and after we have paid our cash we was told to only fish a small part of the lake, apparently the owner and his wife was fishing and did not want to be bothered. All 3 of us fished a small area of the lake only to watch them catch 15 or more carp, bag them and transport the fish out of the lake we were fishing. In my opinion exceptionally rude, arrogant and can not care one bit about day ticket fisherman. I will never fish here again in my opinion save your money!!!!!!


I think these lakes are Alrite going Saturday let u know how I do


The staff are okay but the bailiff is rude great fun fishing willow some great times on there I've got carp to 14 lb and a gold fish at 2 .5lb overall love the place


Compleat dickheads that could not run a bath let alone a lake.


Fished terrapin lake had loads of runs 1 7lb carp couple pf bream and hooked a big cat but he got off the comments on the bailiffs are fairly accurate but they are willing to give information £23 for three rods for a day was a bit high in my opinion. 31/08/2013


Fished masons lake twice recently, 15lb carfish first time, 31lb carp on second visit. £15 a day not bad really



Spicey luncheon and princess luncheon best on the little lakes like willow and gold


Ur mum on a short shank x








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