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Staplehurst Road, Marden, TN129BS TN129BS

01622 833 332


Monk Lakes is a 120-acre fishery on the A229 just outside Maidstone in Kent, that encompasses all that is great about angling in Britain.


The site currently comprises of 2 pleasure lakes, 4 bookable match lakes, a specimen lake plus 2,000 meters of river bank along the River Beult.  In total, we have over 45 acres of prime water for all levels of anglers.

With onsite parking and facilities including Disabled Platforms, Food Bar, toilets,
bait and tackle sales all you need to do is turn up and fish.

Match Lake 1  - 3 Acres
44 Peg Match Fishing Lake from bank platforms. Stocked with Carp, Barbel, Bream, Tench & Chub.

Match Lake 2 - 4 Acres
46 Peg Match Fishing Lake from bank platforms. Stocked with Carp, Barbel, Tench, Chub, Bream and Roach.

Match Lake 3 - 3 Acres
45 Peg Match Fishing Lake from bank platforms. Stocked with Carp, Barbel, Tench, Chub, Bream and Roach.

Match Lake 4 - 1.5 Acres
29 Peg Match Fishing Lake from bank platforms. Stocked with Carp.

Specimen Lake - 5 Acres
This lake has a contoured bottom with deeper holes to 9 feet and lily patches. Natural margins are planted with reads, rushes & iris. Stocked with Carp & Cat fish between 15 and 45lbs.

Bridges Lake - 16 Acres
This lake is designed so every angler has a feature to fish to in a natural planting of submerged and marginal water plants. Reed and lily beds are just some of the features along with the 5 bridges to the islands. This lake responds well to all techniques including Carp, float and feeder angling. Stocked with all native fish including Carp to 30lbs.

Puma Lake - 10 Acres
This lake has 3 islands, margins some of which are quite shallow, are naturally planted with reeds, rushes & iris. There is a central gravel bar and deeper areas, also a number of lily beds. It is stocked with a full range of coarse fish. With Carp up to 30lbs.

River Beult - 2,000 Meters
The river bank fishing with pools and features contain really wild Tench, Roach, Perch, Chub and Bream. Weedy in summer but offering good Pike fishing during the winter months.

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Friendly stuff. Great time. Highly recommend. A++++


Friendly staff, great surroundings, facilities & fishing. Really enjoyable venue.


Excellent place to fish, Hugh range of fish to catch and can park behind most swims. Match lake 2 and 4 particularly good.


Always smash puma and bridges lakes. Usually get around 8 carp in a night. Great lakes.

hpe harry

Very pretty fishery, good variety of fish, great parking!!! Will be going back!!


Top quality fishery with nice fish. Definitely recommend !


Had an enjoyable day on bridges first time on there in two years and caught 5 carp to14 lb


Just done another day on bridges lake 5 carp with 2 twenties awesome days fishing


Fished the first match lake up the hill a few times. Caught a dozen carp within a couple of hours with free lines bread a foot out. Nice friendly staff good place for beginners


chris 77

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