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Latitude: 52.51823 | Longitude: -0.456511

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Bluebell Lakes, Tansor, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 5HN PE85HN

01832 226042


Previously described in brochures as our mixed coarse fishery, Bluebell Lake is now being targeted by specimen anglers in search of a personal best fish. With Carp over 30lb, Tench and bream over 14lb, Chub over 7lb and the capability to produce a 38lb Pike you see why.


Is the easiest of the lakes, as it has the largest head of fish. They average 14 - 36lb in general, though there are a large head of 20's. Probably up to 400 carp in there.

The fish are slightly more difficult, though this is really down to the fact that the lake is bigger and weedier with fewer fish. If you can get on to them, they are 'reasonably' catchable. There are around 200 resident fish. There is about 30 fish 25lbs to 30lbs There are 4 at 40lbs plus could be more, and of course home of the Creature at about 59lbs

I would put it at the same difficulty 'rating' as Bluebell. Not too hard if you can get on to them. There is 70-100 head of Carp mostly 20lbs plus. and a few 30lbs plus

Is the hardest on the complex, and is really for the serious big fish angler. There are approx 150 carp in Kingfisher, whose stock has been carefully managed over the past three seasons, to provide the best environment for growth potential of the fish. As such the fish are growing very well, but be warned,- IT REALLY ISN'T AT ALL EASY !!!! Very few anglers (Probably less then 10) will catch more than ten fish in a year from the lake. Home for Benson at 60lbs plus there are 7 to 10 head of 40lbs plus 25 to 30 head of 30lbs and the rest at about 20lbs plus.

Wood Pool
Is the place if you just want to catch fish, practice your skills, learn and then perhaps you will be ready to move onto Bluebell Lake, have fun.

River Nene
Provides over 80 pegs, most of which are accessible by car (subject to dry conditions ). River fishing at its best without those long walks and within sight of your vehicle.

Willow Creek
A delightful heavily tree lined backwater which divides our fishery into two halves. The creek runs off the main river down the weir and rejoins it half a mile futher in a northerly direction.

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This has so much potential every time I go I come away disappointed. Huge weed growth outclasses my skill levels but I will be back in 2011

Karl Finlay

Hugely over fished lakes but have potential as they have produced monster carp, very nice setting to the lakes but can be extremely hard to catch


Fished bluebell lake the other day first trip there but blanked place to go if you want a new pb may even see Danny fairbrass and Neil spoons like i did. Will be going back again mallard is more of a runs water if you want a fish or to but kingfisher swan sandmartin and bluebell lakes if u want something bigger









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