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Latitude: 51.55816 | Longitude: -3.1142

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Set in the rolling countryside Cefn Mably Lakes is a fishing complex situated between Newport and Cardiff and only 5 mins from the M4. There are 8 ponds in total, split between 2 trout and 6 coarse.


Horseshoe Pond
The Horseshoe Pond offers a different fishing alternative to the carp pond. At 2.5 acres, there are 45 fishing platforms served by a gravel path. Species stocked include mirror, common, ghost and crucian carp along with tench, roach, chub, bream, rudd and barbel. The fish on average are slightly smaller than in the carp pond but more of them giving a bigger bag building experience.

Carp Pond
The Carp pond is about 1.5 acres in size. It's the place to be if you're after a good bag of mixed carp, varying in size from  4lb right up to 25lb fish. It produces some fantastic sport especially in the warmer months. The depth ranges from 2' to about 9' at its deepest point. Best baits to be used in the summer months when the fish are on the surface include bread and dog biscuits, red maggot, sweetcorn and meat. Carp specialist Steve Howard of Newport has had some notable fish with specimens of 24lb 3oz, 20lb 12oz and 20lb 4oz all mirrors and a stunning 18lb 11oz koi carp and many more lower weights too numerous to mention.  The Lake record has been smashed in June 09 with Newport Angler Matt Sparks catching a 31lb 6oz Mirror on bread.

Match Pond
The new match pond has 40 pegs all of which have been designed with match fishing in mind. Each peg is served via a gravel path and is easily accessible. There is a large island running through the middle of the pond, which is no further than 22m from the bank making it perfect for pole or waggler fishing. There are 2 shelves that run throughout the lake. 1 is at 2ft the other at 4ft and the bed of the lake is 6ft. This offers numerous options for the angler. The lakes were stocked in mid January 06 with 500 F1 Carp weighing over 2lb as well as 5000 F1/F2's 8-10". In addition we also stocked over 3000 8-10" chub, 2000 8" Green/Golden Tench and 2500 12" barbel. There has also been a continuous stocking of F1's over the past 2 years with fish that  have been grown on, on-site.

Bridge Pond
The bridge pond is our new 30 peg pleasure fishing pond. It’s shaped attractively in a figure of 8 formation with 2 separate islands. The pond has a 3’ shelf around the pond as a feature. And has a maximum depth of about 5’. It has lots of bank space and all 30 pegs are linked by a gravel path. We partly stocked this pond in December 06' with over 2500 10” – 5lb skimmers and bream with the remainder of the fish being stocked in Mid – January. The majority of the fish stocked being over 4000 Green/Golden Tench and 4000 Ghost/Crucian/Mirror Carp. In addition to this we also introduced a good head of Chub, Barbel and Roach. As we have with the match pond we have also introduced F1 Carp frequently throughout the past 2 summers.

Willow Pond
The Willow pond is the newest edition to the complex. Originally set out  to be an alternative fly - fishing pond demand for space meant we soon turned it into a highly stocked, high action coarse pond. Mainly stocked with F1 Carp there is also a good head of skimmers and chub. This is an ideal pond for a begginner who wishes to learn how to fish or perfect a few skills. Many people just fish it because there are so many fish to be caught. Designed in a kidney shape, there are no shelves just a gradual decline from the bank to the deck which reaches 7' at it's deepest point. As you can see the pond is neat and tidy with a gravel path serving 15 spacious platforms. There is also parking very close to the pond with easy disabled access.

Overflow Pond
This pictureseque little pond is only about 0.35 of an acre, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality and fun!! Originally a trout lake for beginners we changed it's use to a small coarse lake in 05'. We found this lake to be ideal for kids who want to catch there first fish or just want to have some great fun. Rammed full of rudd, Roach and small Carp it's perfect for whip fishing and coaching.

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Brilliant fishery, have fished several of the lakes here and always had a good result, using a number of different baits and methods. The staff in the Lodge are always friendly and helpful and the fish are in mint condition.


Great fishery, although I didn't catch many (winter is hitting hard) it is a stunning fishery and what I did catch were in perfect condition. Will be coming back here very soon.


Gets way to crowded...


Easy to fish perfect for the beginner










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