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Brickyard Fishery

North Yorkshire

Latitude: 54.16639 | Longitude: -1.481203

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Ripon, North Yorkshire

07808 469 823


Fishery noted for Carp, Bream, Tench and Rainbow Trout fishing.


This is a group of 5 lakes the two biggest are the only ones worth fishing the others are basically just stock ponds. There is Carp to 25lbs, Tench to 5lbs, Rudd and Golden Rudd to 1lb, Roach to 1lb, Bream to 6lb, Perch to 3lb.

Key Species:

  • Carp
  • Bream
  • Tench
  • Rainbow Trout

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Quiet day 22/7/12 not a bad place to fish

Sam Hubbard

Beautiful place even now cannot imagine this area in summer very tucked away the owner is a lovely old fella very helpful Great fishery rules fair with a variety of methods available £6 for one rod £8 for two rods £10 for three rods 5 lakes and they are building a 6th stocked with everything Speak to the owner for more details although this is pretty much what he told me this place is something special and I do not think you will find much better in North Yorkshire!!! Try it and you will be hooked like the rest of us.

Sam Hubbard

Oh by the way no night fishing!!!


Great fishery, with lots of tucked away corners. £6 for 1 rid and £8 for 2 rods not sure how much for 3 rods. No night fishing and I would advise stalking instead off fishing behind buzzers all day


Sam Hubbard

On a hot day don't just sit behind your buzzers get up and stalk the fish as they bask in the sun I had 5 carp including a crucian too 13lb Whilst others had nothing.

Sam Hubbard

Fish as close to marginal structure as possible for carp as they are fearing of the islands as everybody fishes too them just try to fish where others over look


When it's hot which is when I would go don't just sit behind carp rods. Get out and go stalking on the top next to the reeds and the margins and you will have more fish in your net

Sam Hubbard

Pre bait spots before you go if your planning to fish on the bottom as it will catch you the biggest fish

Sam Hubbard

The carp are targeted a lot on the bottom so fine tune your rigs to give you that small advantage over others


Sam just reading that u caught a 13 pound crucian and it made me laugh cause the record is only 4 pound so I think u might b exaggerating a little bit there




Rainbow Trout




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