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Alderfen Fisheries


Latitude: 53.52479 | Longitude: -0.910011

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Alderfen Fisheries Poles Bank Wroot North Lincs. DN9 2BG DN9 2BG



The Alderfen complex consists of three lakes and a smaller pond. It is situated at Wroot, North Lincs., and is within easy reach of South and West Yorks., Humberside and the East Midlands, being close to the M62, M18, M180 and A1.


Carp Lake
This is our five acre runs water, heavily stocked with hard fighting commons and very scaly mirrors to mid-20’s. The fish are all English, many of them  Leneys or Leney crosses. There are many reed fringed bays, points, bars and an island. There are 16 swims which are large, well spaced and comfortable and night fishing is allowed. The fish respond to both surface and bottom tactics.

Match Lake
This is our 30 peg match lake. It covers 3 acres with a depth of 4-8 feet, and is doughnut shaped. Fishing is from one bank only. It is heavily stocked with both carp and silver fish, plenty of skimmers, roach and rudd. The carp average 3lb.but run up to doubles, and there are large bream and tench averaging 3-5 lb. Pleasure anglers are welcome. To book a match please phone 07772033398.

Specimen Lake
Famous for producing personal best fish for many anglers, our Specimen lake has two islands set in three acres of reeds, rushes and lily beds. It contains tench over 8 lbs, rudd over 3, roach to just under 3, double-figure bream and large perch and crucians, with a low stock of carp to double figures. Although small fish are present, this lake is more challenging than the match lake due to its lower stock density. Fishing here offers the patient angler the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime.

The Sausage
The Sausage is our strip pond, dug in 2009 to provide 8 pegs exclusively for pleasure anglers. Ideally suited to pole anglers of all abilities, fishing is from one bank only and the far margin is within easy reach. It is heavily stocked with fish of all species. The swims are large and well spaced offering depths of 6-8 feet in the centre channel.

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Really is a first class place. I fished the match lake and caught nearly every cast. No small fry all good sized fish , 4 bream all over 3lb, 1 tench at 5lb dozens if roach and Ide to 1lb. All on method and pellet. Keep hook bait hidden. Excellent plan B if Lindome is full.










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