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Elphicks Fisheries Spelmonden Road Horsmonden Kent TN12 8EL TN12 8EL

01580 212 512


Elphicks has been designed and built with the modern angler in mind. We have 7 lakes available for day ticket and session fishing. Each lake has its own parking within easy reach of the swims and all swims are all weather - either built of Astroturf or stone.


North Lake
North lake is a 19 swim 6 acre specimen carp & wels catfish water open to adult only day ticket & session fishermen. A maximum of 10 anglers can fish at any one time. The lake is stocked with carp to 56lb and catfish to 75lb.

North lake has been chosen to hold two eliminator rounds for the british carp angling championships for the last three years, lake closures for those entries can be found on our website.

Plantation Lake
Plantation is a 1.3 acre, 8 swim, semi-specimen Carp Lake with fish to 30lb+. This lake has been designed as an introduction to specimen carp fishing, harder than Prairie Lake or Kettles Lake, but not as daunting as North Lake. Your presentation still has to be good, but the fish are very visual and as such make it that little bit easier.

Accompanied juniors may fish this lake but please bear in mind that the fishing is still tough. We allow a maximum of 6 anglers.

Prairie Lake
This 3 acre, 30 swim lake is a definite runs water! Mixed fish including carp to 20lb+ and wels catfish to 38lb. perfect for those new to the sport or those that just want to catch fish.

We allow a maximum 30 anglers during the day and 10 overnight.

Sandwich Lake
This 1.5 acre 20 swim lake just goes to show that there is more to fishing than Carp. If you like your tench (we have all 4 varieties), Bream, Roach and Rudd then this is the lake for you. Lots of Dace, Orfe and monster Chubb will also keep you entertained.

Again, there are some very big Perch in this water. We allow a maximum of 20 anglers a day and 6 overnight on Sandwich. Matches may also be booked on Sandwich between September and May, please contact the fishery for further information.

Kettles Lake
Kettles Lake is a 2 acre, 30 swim mixed fish water. This is our second runs water and suits anglers of all ages and abilities. Kettles lake is famous for its hard-fighting Ghost Carp which will often take from the top before leading you on a merry dance around the lake.

This water also contains some very big Perch and non-carp species. We allow a maximum of 30 anglers a day and 10 overnight.

Pullens Lake
This 3 acre, 10 swim lake is for the serious specimen Carp hunter only. Lightly stocked with some truly beautiful fish to 40lb+. Pullens fish are not easy to come by, but when you do get stuck in they really fight.

We allow a maximum of 5 anglers on Pullens Lake at any one time.

West End Lake
This 3 acre, 10 swim lake is again for the serious specimen Carp hunter. Lightly stocked with carp to 40lb+.

We allow a maximum of 5 anglers on West End at any one time.

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We fish the north lake once a year it is a great runs water with big fish, normal catch is around 8/15 fish between 15 & 35lb (there is a 50 tho). The lakes are clean and tidy but very boring with a lack of features. (carp & cats)


Fished prairie blanked to many anglers too close together and the geese use it as a boxing ring and a quad driving passed every 5 mins is annoying fish it again not in a million


Great venue. Clean, tidy and well run. North lake has plenty of big fish to go at including the pig at 60lb+


Fished prairie lake I counted about 22 rods out around the lake only 2 people caught a small carp each from what I could see not a great day and that poxy quad is annoying.


24hr session on Kettles, had 3 doubles biggest at 15lb, Had a quiver out for Perch and didnt stop pulling them in..very small tho. lake vey clean but agree about the quad. Cafe very good and clean! Will defo vist again.


Did 24 hours on prairie caught 25 carp upto my new pb of 29.00 fishing tailed off when idiot started fishing in next swim and was casting across me



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