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PARTRIDGE LAKES FISHERY Glaziers Lane Culcheth Warrington, Cheshire WA3 4AQ WA3 4AQ

01925 767505


Partridge Lakes Fishery is set over 50 acres of Cheshire Countryside with 14 waters, all individually and uniquely designed, to offer superb coarse fishing throughout the year.


THE COVEY - 100 peg Match Water
The Covey Lake is set over 5 acres of scenic countryside and is set to become Cheshire's number one match fishing venue.

The Covey has been designed with 4 interlocking lakes to form a 100 peg match water with no pegs or rods over lapping each other making this an unique fishing water. There is a complex pump system throughout the 4 waters to aerate and provide perfect conditions for these heavily stocked waters.

The Covey was stocked with F1 Carp in 2007 and these have settled in and are readily showing with steady weights up to 25 lbs. We are ready to stock with larger, bonus fish (2-3 lbs) so as not to have one stamp of F1 Carp. Bumper weights are expected this spring and summer.

HOLBAR LAKE 2 - New carp Lake - NOW OPEN
Holbar Lakes, 1 & 2, are situated on the latest phase of Partridge Lakes with waters over 3 acres. Holbar Lake 2 (at the top end of the field) opened this month with some amazing catches and will soon establish itself as one of Cheshire's finest carp lakes.

Holbar are exclusive waters with just 20 pegs, their own carpark and are stocked with quality Carp.

Holbar Lakes have been stocked with:
Mirror and Common Carp - 6 to 15 lbs

Hybrid Carp

20 Pegs - Day Tickets: £10 per day per rod (£5 per additional rod)

Summer Hours: April to September - 6am to 8pm (Gates locked at 9pm)

No Night Fishing

Ribbon Lake is renowned as one of the best match waters in cheshire with weights breaking all records this year!

Ribbon Lake is a classic match water for club matches and open matches.

In January 09 Ribbon Lake had a major overhaul being de-silted, re-designed and re-stocked!
Ribbon Lake has been restocked with Carp up to 3lbs, Ide, Chub, Bream, F1 Carp and Rudd and we are looking forward to great fishing on Ribbon Lake this spring and summer.

Piper lake is considered on of Cheshire's finest 'Day Ticket' waters and consistantly produces good weights.
In winter 2006 Piper was new constructed with new islands, shelves, pegs & paths and now adjoins Willow Lake.

With new stocks of F1 Carp alongside exsisting stocks of large Carp up to 15 lbs, Chub, Barbel & Tench, 2008 has seen 'Piper' fishing better than ever.

16 Pegs - Depth - Up to 10 feet

A classic canal popular for 'Fishing Club Matches' and considered one of the best match canals in Cheshire.

A mature water teeming with an excellent mix of Carp, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Bream, Chub & Barbel which has consistantly fished well all year recording record match weights.

Marsh Canal has been de-silted, re-planted and re-designed to accommodate 22 pegs, with ideal new shelves, that will promote excellent fishing this spring and summer.

Marsh Canal is being re-stocked in March with new mixed species of fish and re-opens in April 09.

Club match booking are now being taken for 2009 and 2010.

22 Pegs

A sheltered and maturing canal set in an abundance of landscaped woodland makes Pine Canal in demand for Match Fishing and Day Tickets.

Stocked with F1 Carp longside the existing stocks of large Carp, Chub, Barbel & Tench.

Depth 4-8 feet - Width 12-17 meters

24 Pegs

Fish Pellet / Caster Shallow / Paste Deep

Record Weight: 118 lbs Andy Bennet

Peaceful and secluded Tweed Lake is a great Day Ticket & Match Water for smaller fishing clubs and groups.

Stocked with F1 Carp alongside existing coarse fish.

Depth up to 6 ft - 10-11 meters width

15 Pegs

Fish tight far bank. Pallet/Paste

Record weight: 102 lbs Eddie Battersby

Willow is maturing nicely and was created for superb fishing with islands, shelves, spacious pegs and pathways making it a great day ticket and match water.

Willow adjoins Piper Lake and is situated in the new phase of 'Partridge Lakes', along with Spey Canal, and has become increasingly popular with good weights being caught.

Depth - Up to 7 feet Width - 11-15 meters

Stocked with an abundance of F1 Carp, Carp, Rudd, Roach, Bream, Chub & Tench

On the deck - Caster/ Pellet for Chub. Paste pellet for Carp.

Record Weight: 211 lbs by Paul Hargreaves

Day Ticket and Match Canal - Spey Canal has been designed to the highest specification.

Stocked with quality F1 Carp, Rudd, Roach, Bream, Chub & Tench makes 'Spey' Canal an ideal fishing venue.

Depth up to 7 feet with Shelves - Width 11 meters

20 Pegs

Fish Maggot / Caster, Skimmers / Silvers

Paste Pellet Carp / Shallow or Deep

Record Weight: 84 lbs Richard O'Connor

Gold Lake is the largest fishing water at Partridge Lakes and is surrounded by landscaped woodlands in the heart of Cheshire's countryside. The lake is peaceful and quiet and maintained to the highest standard to give top quality coarse fishing to our 'Gold' members throughout the year.
Gold Lake covers an area of 3 acres with depths up to 15 feet, and is teeming with stocks of quality and specimen Carp, Chub, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Barbel, Tench & Perch.

Our gold lake members can also take advantage of having free fishing on other waters at Partridge Lakes including Ribbon, Spey, Pine, Piper, Tweed, Marsh & Willow. The Covey & Holbar lakes are not included in the gold membership. Yearly memberships are currently available please for information or ring the office on 01925 767505.

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Great venue. Excellent waters, facilities and great staff.


Tried this place this week. Had a great day. Great, friendly staff and good facilities. Will go again.


Great venue. It's my local fishery and guarantees a great day fishing. Pine canal and hoblar lake are my 2 favourite waters. Hoblar Is a £10 day ticket but your you will catch big carp.


Fished here numerous times this season apart from a bad day on willow(1st time fished here),I have always caught at least a dozen decent sized fish on over 12 other visits I have made here,ribbon,piper n marsh r my faves using pellet,corn,shrimp,around 5pm big fish come alive around margins I used paste,n done well with it,very good venue,cafe open til 6pm,toilets.worth a visit.


Fantastic, well laid out fishery which offers something for everyone from the complete novice to top match anglers. Have fished on Willow, Pine, Holbar 1 & 2 and have caught well on every visit. Even in the middle of December I am still managing to catch double figure carp on the method feeder. Holbar 2 has got some big lumps I have had Mirrors upto 15lb, commons upto 8lb and Chub upto 5lb. Baliffs are spot on, friendly and always ready to give you a bit of advice if the fishing is tough..


Fished for the first time today and Broke my PB!!


Fished last yr, use if boilies not permitted but spoke too bailiff and he said ok in moderation, am was glum afternoon was better had 6 in 3 hrs, lost 4, all approximate 10 Gbp. Good facilities too on site.. No night fishing !!!


Fished holbar 1st September 2013. Had a great day fishing the margins on pellet. Can't wait to get back there next weekend.


If I was a bailif here Danny Hughes would be banned for not using a unhooking matt. His pictures prove it.


Danny Hughes either buy a Unhooking Mat or stop fishing! The poor fish on gravel not good! Well done Pikey for bringing it up I couldn't work out how to message about this! I will do another forum post on it!!! Anyone fishing here if you see him or the owners make sure you mention this.










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