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Woodlands Lakes

North Yorkshire

Latitude: 54.21564 | Longitude: -1.40593

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Thirsk, North Yorkshire

01845 527099


Thirteen lakes noted for Barbel, Bream, Carp, Rudd and Tench fishing.


Permits on site from Bailiff.

Key Species:

  • Barbel
  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Rudd
  • Tench

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Very nice place to fish, I could imagine it could get very busy in the summer months. I could 2 nice carp on the first of jan 2012 on boilies.


Best place I been to and probs won't find better


Stayed in the log cabins here for the weekend with my family, would highly recommend everyone reading this do the same it was here is always a pleasure I have been to a lot of venues and this is by far the best around very well stocked and with nice variety of fish. I usually fish with feeder on bottom baited with whatever I fancy can catch with anything here but will have better results with some than others pellet is a safe option here.

Sam Hubbard

Very easy fishing typical of a carp commercial but a lot of fun!!! Just keep it simple and feed right you will catch plenty

Sam Hubbard

But not the sort of place you go to for its natural beauty as its a very ugly complex

Sam Hubbard

Just stay clear of fox covert lake and the lakes around the car park area as these get the most anglers on them as they do not want to carry their gear....


I would say it's a good place to fish and I would recommend fishing the lakes around the car parks cause there is a lot of nice but also big carp in there


my first time to woodlands was a slow start with it raining but me and my friend will pulled through with catching 16 fish reslly enjoyed my time there.


Recently stopped here for the week in one off the log cabins which where brilliant nice clean and modern inside with a hot tub outside and the fishing was brilliant. Would recommend red maggot at sweet corn on a quick stop or pop up boilie with sweet corn



If you want to catch well here 4 baits are needed bread, meat, dog biscuits and prawn that's all you need to catch 10+ carp easy all above 6lb

Sam Hubbard

Just a simple float in the margin in the later hours of the day and feed by really chucking your pellet corn or meat at the water to make a fair noise as I believe this gets bigger fish


Just had a amazing days fishing on the partridge hooked 40 fish lost 9 caught all day next to the water pump had both rods a foot away from it


fish luncheon, corn, maggot, or pellet if u want to bag up.








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