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Latitude: 51.70329 | Longitude: -1.759965

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Whelford Pools Fisheries Ltd Whelford Road Fairford Gloucestershire GL7 4DT GL7 4DT

01285 713649


We are a family run day ticket water, situated in the beautiful Cotswold countryside between the ancient Roman town of Cirencester and historical Lechlade on Thames. We are ideally situated within traveling distance to both the M5 and the M4.


Day Ticket Lake
An established, mature lake extending to 4 acres, comprising 3 areas of water linked by 2 channels. There are about 35 swims - all of which accommodate a Bivi with ease - some being double swims. The water is beautifully landscaped with trees and shrubs throughout. There are 2 islands and a wealth of surface features including reed beds, lily pads and rushes.

The lake varies in depth from about 5 feet to 8 feet containing numerous underwater features such as gravel bars and silty areas. The water is usually coloured. There are approximately 800 resident Carp varying in size from 12lb up to 34lb in size; with a great many over 20lb and 4 known 30’s. Carp are caught here nearly every day of the year with most anglers enjoying multiple catches.

There are also Pike up to 22lb, Perch to 3lb 8oz, Roach to 2lb 9oz, Specimen Tench to 12lb and Bream to 10lb.

Syndicate Lake
A pretty 3 acre lake with depths to 12ft, numerous features and an island. Home to approximately 120 carp up to 36lb, with 8 known 30’s and 65 known 20’s.

Open only to 24 members per year, no day tickets.

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Great venue little small and at times very busy as its a day ticket get pole anglers which take valuable pegs and also mouths of fish are slightly damaged as a result


Excellent. I recommend Whelford as a venue although I agree it does get a little busy, take some light tackle as there's plenty of large roach and perch that are excellent sport and in cracking condition.



Use luncheon meat as carp are wary of boilies and red maggots seem to catch everything thing else. Back to basics?









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