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Peatling Pools


Latitude: 52.50013 | Longitude: -1.131154

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Peatling Parva, Lutterworth, Leicestershire

07860 434444


Fishery with three pools noted for Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench and Chub fishing.


Key Species:

  • Carp
  • Roach
  • Bream
  • Tench
  • Chub

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Peatling pools consists of 3 lakes. Malcolm Pool Just over half an acre in size with a small island at the car park end, Malcolm Pool is an attractive reed-lined water with an average depth of about five feet but with holes varying between eight and 12 feet deep - making it worth plumbing the depth when pole or waggler fishing or seeking the deeper parts of the pool in winter. There is plenty of bankside vegetation to give cover for anglers. Regarded by some anglers as a fairly challenging pool where most people have their favourite swim, Malcolm fishes well all year round. Popular techniques are ledgering, fishing the feeder and fishing the waggler, either in the margins or towards the island. It is also popular with pole anglers who can get close to overhanging features and by the weeds without the danger of becoming snagged. Many anglers report that the sport varies throughout the day with early catches of roach and bream giving way to carp as the temperatures warm up. The fish also seem to feed at different depths throughout the day, so it pays to be prepared to experiment if they are not feeding on the bottom. Whilst sweetcorn, luncheon meat and frozen prawns are three popular baits when fishing for the carp, roach and bream, chopped worm, caster and red and white maggots are also highly effective, particularly in winter. Although groundbait should only be used in feeders and trout pellets are not allowed, the fish can be attracted and held in swims equally effectively by regularly feeding coarse fish pellets, samples of hook bait and other particles. Malcolm is also renowned locally for holding some big perch with specimens caught and weighed at up to 4lbs. Indeed, one angler travels from Cambridge once each month just to fish for the perch with the fish falling more regularly in winter to baits of chopped worm and maggots. In addition, Malcolm Pool also holds good heads of roach to 3lbs, rudd to about 2lbs, bream to 5lbs and some tench and barbel. It is also known to contain some Koi Carp and Golden Orfe, although as with the tench and barbel the actual sizes of these fish is so far unknown. Magna Pool Again just over half an acre in size, Magna is the original peat pool at Peatling Pools and has an island, a gravel bottom and average depth of five feet throughout which makes it an easy water to fish on either pole or waggler tackle. With plenty of bankside vegetation, it is a good water to get away from other anglers for those who like secluded fishing with a good chance of bagging up. A good year-round fishery because it is very sheltered, Magna Pool is an ideal float fishing water. Offering much the same species and sizes of fish as can be found in Malcolm Pool, Magna has been really well stocked over the past 20 years and offers perch to about 3lbs, roach between 2lbs and 3lbs, rudd to a couple of pounds, tench over 3lbs, bream over 5lbs and carp of a similar stamp but not quite as large as those in Malcolm Pool. Again, fishing in the margins and to the island proves a popular technique, whilst float fishing clear spots in the weed also produces good results if samples of hook bait are fed regularly to draw the fish out from the weeds and keep them on the go. For those after the carp amongst the weeds, pva bags filled with samples of hook bait work well, but the use of stronger line is recommended because the fish will bolt for the weeds as soon as they feel the hook and the line strength must be good enough to hold against the force of the fish and weed. Parva Pool The furthest pool from the car park, Parva Pool may be the smallest of the three Peatling Pools at only a quarter of an acre and capable of accommodating only eight anglers, but it is a delightful and attractive little water with some impressive fish for its size. Again the water is very sheltered, being protected on three sides by trees, and can usually be fished on the float whatever the weather. As with Magna Pool, Parva is about five feet deep around the sides and shelves away fairly evenly from the banks all the way round in a bowl shape to a maximum depth of about eight feet in the centre. One of the main features of Parva are the perch in the water. These are anything but 'parvus' running to a cracking 5lbs whilst the carp go to a meaningful 15lbs. If roach are your main quarry, you will not be disappointed here either with specimens again running to 3lbs. Indeed, whatever your quarry, Dave Ellingworth believes you have to be a pretty bad angler to blank on this gem of a little water! Unlike the other two waters at Peatling Pools, Parva has no island to fish to although it has plenty of reeds around the bankside which provide cover for anglers. At the far end there are also some overhanging willows which give shelter from the sun to the carp in hot weather. Having said that, in summer the carp can often be seen about a foot below the water in shoals of 10 or more fish like silent motionless submarines. This makes the water ideal for stalking because the fish know as soon as a bait hits the surface and they will usually come to investigate. Here again, pole angling is also quite popular with most anglers fishing the margins as they do with the waggler. Because of its size there is little need for the feeder or ledger. How to get there... Peatling Pools can be found just outside the centre of the tiny village of Peatling Parva, just a short drive through the countryside from Lutterworth off the M1. After leaving the motorway, drive through Lutterworth town centre to the garage on the left hand side of the road and you will see a turning to the right signposted Gilmorton. Follow the road to Gilmorton and pick up the signs for Peatling Parva. Drive straight through Peatling Parva and you will see the fishery on the left hand side as you leave the village. This description is from Personally my favourite lake is Parva. You will not get massive carp from this lake but you will have a great time getting a variety of species of carp. I took a 7lb golden koi carp fringe lake on luncheon meat once. Whilst waiting to get a run on the carp rod I have great time float fishing (waggler/stick) for the other species. The owner Dave is fantastic too. An all round great fishery.


Crayfish are a problem, taking pellet, corn and maggot on my last visit.


Nice venue but had more false bites from crayfish than caught fish









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