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Hawkhurst Fish Farm Hastings Road Hawkhurst Kent TN18 4RT TN18 4RT

01580 753813


This uniquely quiet and tranquil venue on the boarders of Kent and Sussex , with its four main angling lakes is the perfect location for the big fish hunter, match angler and the pleasure angler alike. There are huge carp in three of the lakes and plenty of them for the specimen hunter. On the other hand the match angler has a long narrow lake ideal for pole fishing and full of average size carp with the odd Tench and Golden Orfe to fill most keep nets.


Main Lake
Probably the most popular on the complex, the Main Lake is 4 acres of fairly shallow water containing 400+ carp ranging from doubles to upper thirties. Golden Orfe, Tench, Grass Carp and huge Catfish to 80lb swim among the owner’s private collection of exotic water fowl between the landscaped islands.

A lot of thought has gone into the construction of the lake and layout of the islands. It can be easily drained for maintenance and stock checking which is usually done once a year in the winter shut down. Islands are checked for erosion and the entire bed is limed periodically.

Weeping willows dipping from the islands cast shadows across the water where the carp cruise majestically by. A balconied restaurant overlooks the lake where you can start your day and contemplate your technique over a hearty breakfast and a hot drink.

Main Lake has a natural bottom and it's average depth is five feet.

The banks are grassed and regularly cut and hard paths take you around the water without the need for Wellingtons even in wet conditions.

Dove Lake
Small and intimate, the Dove Lake is a favourite of the anglers who like to get away from it all and become part of nature. Once again the islands are well established with a variety of trees and plants from Willows to Rhododendrons. It is only 1.5 acres and fairly shallow (average depth six feet) but with deep margins around the islands, the lake contains forty plus carp from 20lb to 40lb along with Catfish, the odd big Tench and Golden Orfe.

The Dove lake can cater for individuals or small groups of anglers (six maximum) who wish to book a whole lake to themselves. The carp can be quite cagey so a quiet, stealthy approach is needed to unlock the lake's prizes.

The carp respond well to high quality boilies, maize, small particles and pellets sold on site, and small baited patches and PVA bags seem to outscore heavy baiting tactics.

Tackle & Tactics
You won't need any long range gear on the Dove Lake as the furthest cast will only be 50 yards. A light lead flicked to the island margins is a good bet, but remember to keep your lines concealed with back leads or a slack line approach as the fish are shy of tight lines.

Specimen Lake
Specimen lake is run on a membership basis and has it’s own car park giving members complete privacy. Unlike the other lakes on the complex the Specimen Lake is deep, dropping down to 16ft at the dam end, though gradually rising to 3ft at the far end of the lake.

The average size of carp in the specimen lake are 20lb-30lb and the lake also holds some large catfish along with blue carp to 74lb.

There is a small mature island at the shallow end with a lovely reed rined margin beneath the weeping willows where the carp love to patrol. The carp show themselves regularly on this water and frequent scenes of head and shouldering and fizzing make very exciting fishing.

If you fancy angling for the Hawkhurst's specimens please contact us for information on membership.

Match Lake
The Match lake is a fully staged rectangular shaped, two acre, even bottomed, heavily stocked lake capable of holding 20 anglers where 100lb bags are common.

The majority of catches have been to soft hooker and banded pellet and paste over pellet.

All baits are available either from us or from Kent Tackle, our on-site tackle shop.

All pegs fish well and the fishing is done from flat, clean, wooden platforms. Keep nets and weighing facilities are available on-site. Breakfasts and dinners can also be pre-booked for your group of anglers.

The lake is predominantly a carp bagging water with vast amounts of hard fighting 2lb to 5lb common and mirror carp but Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch to good sizes are also abundant.

The Match Lake is a perfect venue for the serious match angler, a corporate fishing day or just groups of mates... contact us today to arrange a booking.

Junior Lake
The Junior Lakes are the ideal venue for introducing the newcomer to the art of fishing, the constant action will keep them coming back for more. If you are a novice or just like a bit of easy fishing the Junior lakes are the perfect place for a bite or two.

There are Carp, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch to be caught, wooden seating, life jackets, tackle hire, bait and tutoring from the bailiff if necessary so everything is easy, just turn up and start fishing.

Why not book the Junior Lakes for a fishing party?... your children will be looked after and introduced to the art of angling, contact us today for more information.

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This is my venue and it is a very nice place main lake has a 40lb common and a 89lb catfish


I have spent the day fishing main lake today but its been a struggle to watch the fish starve of oxygen. Most fish were gulping for air and not interested in the slightest in taking a bait. I got talking to a team of 6 who has gone the last 5 days and nights with only two fish between them the biggest being 14lb. Don't know how you can fish so long for just two fish between them! I do like hawkhurst its a stunning venue and the facilities are 2nd to non and I love it when you hook into a big fish at the lake. I've been 7 or 8 times now and every time I have seen big dead fish floating in the lake, don't know if its a disease in the water but to me the lake needs more oxygen pumped into it. Fisherman were complaining on dove lake also I fear more dead fish if something is not done soon. Avoid in summer but hit when moister in air so the fish are not on surface gulping for oxygen..




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