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Sapphire Lakes


Latitude: 53.15179 | Longitude: -0.807314

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Norwell Lane Cromwell Newark Nottinghamshire NG23 6JQ NG23 6JQ

01636 821131


This picturesque fishery is one of the regions oldest established coarse fishing waters. With 3 lakes set in more than 11 acres Sapphire can cater for all anglers, from the carp angler looking for that personal best to the match and pleasure fisherman hoping for that huge net full at the end of the days session, Sapphire Lakes wont disappoint!!


Carp Lake
The carp lake is a picuresque 4.5 acre lake with many features, especially in the summer when the lilly pads are in their peak. There are 18 pegs but anglers are strictly limited to 13 at any on time.

Holding a good head of double figure carp to 32lb there is always a good chance of getting that elusive 20lb plus fish. The stock is roughly 50/50 commons and mirrors mixed, all the carp are the original stocked British fish.

All baits work well, especially the old favorite "corn". The lake averages 6ft-7ft with some areas going to 9ft. In the summer months there can be as little as 2ft on the bars. Margin fishing is not to be ignored, especially at night.

All anglers must use unhooking mats and weigh slings as supplied by Sapphire. There is a 3 rod limit, although winter time this may be increased to 4 if the circumstances allow.

Carp Lake Bookings via Telephone Only - 01636 821131

The Specimen Lake is limited to Carp fishing only - General Coarse Fishing Is Not Allowed

Match Lake
The main match and pleasure water at the fishery provides the angler with 28 pegs and holds a good stock of Carp, Tench, Bream and Roach. Depths vary on this lake from 2 - 3 feet in the margins to 14 - 15 feet towards the centre of the lake.

The average size of Carp range between 2 - 12lb with the largest running to around 14lb. There's also a good stock of silver fish, Bream from little skimmers to 7 - 8lb Slab's, and Roach up to 2lb.

Either Feeder, Waggler or Pole work well. In the summer months you'll find that fishing up in the water spraying maggots or pellet can produce huge nets, regularly reaching the magical 50lb, but don't be shy with the bait.

In the winter months the fish tend to head for the deeper water, so try using a maggot feeder, but keep your hands on the rod otherwise you'll lose it. All types of bait can be used with Maggot, Carp friendly pellet and meat producing good catches. As with the Stock Lake when using the pole a recommended elastic of no less than 12 is advised.

The Fishery takes bookings for club matches, but please call well in advance. Best match weight for 2006 was 187lb, and the best pleasure weight was 205lb !!!!!! Average match weights were 57lb-75lb

Stock Lake
This is the smallest of the 3 lakes and provides 12 well spaced out pegs in 1.5 acres and was originally used to breed and rear young carp, hence the name Stock Lake.

Stocked with a number of species which include Carp up to 12lb with a few larger doubles, Crucian, Tench, Bream to 7lb, Perch and some very big Roach this lake offers a good days sport for all types of angler.

Depths range from 2ft in the margins to around 6-7 feet towards the centre of the lake, overall the depth is pretty consistent. All methods work well, but if your fishing the pole then a recommended elastic of no less than a 12 is advised.

There's no fishing from the far bank on this lake due to the rail track running along side. So if the going gets tough then a feeder or method to the far bank is always a good tip as this offers lots of cover in the form of over hanging trees and shrubs and you can often pick up the odd carp. WARNING: - This tip is very affective but beware accurate casting is essential.
Well stocked, variety of species, spaced out pegs and close to the main car park and facilities. This lake for those very reasons provides an ideal setting and is very popular with the disabled and younger angler.

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Big D

The seediest lake I've ever been to!

Big D

Weediest! Lol


Nice place nice old English carp .. Real beauties


The new owner that's had it a year or 2 is a top bloke aswell








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