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John OGaunt Lakes


Latitude: 51.08677 | Longitude: -1.503122

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Kings Sombourne, Stockbridge, Hampshire

01794 388130


Situated on the outskirts of King Somborne in the Test Valley, 200 yards from the River Test and as such enjoys all the natural fly life from the river, especially the May Fly hatch. John O Gaunts fishery offers great fly fishing in the south of England.


Half day tickets also available from the booth by the lake.

Key Species:

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout

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15 May 2012: myself and 3 friends enjoyed a good day. Fish very active, especially in the morning. A few mayflys hatching off, although fish seemed more interested in nymph patterns typically taking at the start of a slow lift before recasting. Most fish caught in 2-4 lb range and all fought hard. A quiet rural location with no phone signal - so no way for the boss to call on your day off :-)


Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout



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