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Latitude: 51.16796 | Longitude: -2.81895

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Set in the tranquil heart of the Somerset Levels Avalon Fisheries is surrounded with an abundance of wildlife of the near by nature reserves. This well established water consists of a 23 peg specimen lake (Heath Lake) with a maximum of 12 swims available for night sessions with a large head of double figure carp into mid to high 20’s


Heath Lake
Heath Lake has 23 swims with 12 available on the car-park bank for night sessions by prior arrangement. Many anglers travel from all over the UK to enjoy the fantastic sport in the unique setting of the un spoilt Somerset Levels Nature Reserves which surrounds Avalon Fisheries.

It has a head of quality specimen Carp with abundance of fish up to 20 lb and a large stock of fish from mid to high 20’s with a few fish approaching 30 lbs. 24 hr sessions must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. Discounts are available for anglers booking in excess of 48 hours sessions. A large car park is situated next to the lakes for ease of access. Please observe rules whilst fishing - failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the fishery.

Day and night fishing must be paid for prior to fishing.
Unhooking mats and minimum of 36" landing nets are compulsory
Fish from platforms only, maximum two rods
Do Not Leave Rods Unattended (Required By LAW)
Barbless hooks only NO EXCEPTIONS Maximum size 4  
No Bent hooks or Beach caster method
No Retaining fish at any time, i.e. sacks or keep nets, return fish after weighing
Minimum line strength 10 lb
No Heavy Baiting
Only Carp or coarse pellets may be used as feed pellets
Trout and Halibut pellets, Nuts, Peas or beans - hook bait only
No Bloodworm, joker, cat eat or dog meat allowed
No Fixed Leads of any description
Bivvying up on right hand bank only
Lighting of fires prohibited
All anglers must be in possession of a current NRA license (EA rod + line)

Please make sure all rigs are safe and not fixed, all rigs must be free running to ensure the quality of the fish and fishing. We reserve the right to close lakes as required for matches or otherwise without any prior notice. Please respect all wildlife and do not leave litter or discarded line around the fishery. No responsibility will be accepted for loss , damage, or injury however caused. All aspects of the rules are at the sole discretion of the fishery.

Moors Lake
Quality carp to double figures(Commons,
Mirrors and Ghost carp)


During the Spring, Summer & Autumn you can expect to catch 100lb + bags of 2 - 8lb carp with a good chance of bonus fish to 18lb.
The favoured methods are:
The pellet waggler fished up in the water 1 - 2ft deep feeding 6 or 8mm coarse pellets little and often with a banded 8mm pellet hooks bait.
Pole fished paste feeding 6mm coarse pellets fished at 5 or 11m or down the margin.
The conker method (8 or 11mm pellet wrapped in paste) fished on the feeder or lead.
Please note the only pellets than can be used as feed pellets are Coarse Pellets.
The lake also has a good head of Skimmers, Bream, Tench and Crucians that can be caught in good numbers on float fished soft pellet, corn, worm or small cubes of meat.
There is an abundance of Roach Rudd and Perch that can be caught close in on maggot or caster fished up in the water.
During the winter the most productive baits are Soft pellets, Corn and Maggots in conjunction with 2mm micro coarse feed pellet fished at the bottom

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Heath - boilies and pellets are the number 1 bait in summer, fished to the islands or in the margins.


Moors - the pellet waggled fished up in the water 1-2ft deep feeding 6 or 8mm pellets little and often.










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