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Clattercote Reservoir


Latitude: 52.13337 | Longitude: -1.342399

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Claydon, Banbury, Oxfordshire

07740 534892


Reservoir noted for Bream, Carp, Pike, Roach and Tench fishing. Run by British Waterways.


Permits are available on the bank.

Key Species:

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench

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fishy mcfish

Still one of the best venues around !! I fish there alot and have had some screaming days there. My pb's are - carp-31lb 9oz, tench-8lb 2oz, bream 7lb, roach 2lb 1oz, Rudd 1lb 12oz, ghostie 17lb 5 oz, and pike to 32lb 9oz. I have fished on nearly every peg and have produced. So take a trip with plenty of groundbait, and SWEET flavour end baits, they like yellow for some reason I have found. Tight lines everyone


A great place I only started fishing for carp recently. Pegs 30-40 seem best for carp, 1 rod in the channel in the middle, and you should pick up carp to 10lb all day. I find the bigger ones under the trees by your feet. They fight well!


Bread flake a rod length from the dam wall does it there for me

fishy mcfish

Sept 2013, water around 10ft down. The shallows/Islands is unfishable !!! Check the video. But the lake is fishing well ! Big carp are up in the water so get on the bagging waggler or pellet waggler ! Also big carp in the margins on bomb rod with fresh mussel or a good boilie !! You CAN NOT FISH of any of the boards !! Which is a god send in my eyes, as only on the lake bed itself you can sit ! It's quite weird if you have not seen the water down here before. But good bags coming out as there was 2 matches today. Winning bag on 1st was 107lb ish ?? And 2nd was 365lb !!!! Fish a chuck !!! Today we had around 100lb ish !!! A few pike too.









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