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Heron Lake


Latitude: 52.1914 | Longitude: -0.29167

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A mature six acre estate type lake set in the Bedfordshire countryside close to the River Ouse and a nature reserve, located on the Wyboston Lakes complex close to the A1 and A428 junctions near St. Neots (postcode region MK44 3AL). The lake itself has 3 islands, many gravel bars, lily pads and excellent bank side cover. About 6-8 feet deep on average, the lake does have a deep, secluded bay with 1 good swim commanding the area. The shallow end boasts 3 swims, and lily pads - a good stalking area. There are 14 top-quality swims in total.


An 'unlimited hours' carp fishing policy, and a caravan on-site for the use of members make this an excellent place to fish. The caravan in the car park has a full cooker, tea and coffee etc.Also for the use of members, an Elsan toilet is provided in the shed next to the caravan. The Car Park is secure and is kept locked at all times. Members are issued with a key to the entrance gate (upon payment of a £10 returnable deposit). Member's vehicle registrations are logged at the Security Gate House. All cars entering and leaving the complex are monitored by CCTV, 24 hours a day. Membership fees P.O.A. from Alan Fleming.

The Stock
A good head of approximately 60 carp to 41lb including some fish purchased from Mark Simmonds. These were introduced in 1998 at between 7lb and 9lb now being caught at 40lb plus.

With many good fish in the upper 25lb bracket, and possibly twelve, 30's. The superior stock, and the ongoing stocking of the lake will ensure quality angling for the future.

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