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Waveney Valley Lakes


Latitude: 52.41611 | Longitude: 1.352538

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Waveney Valley Lakes Ltd Wortwell, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 0EJ IP20 0EJ

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The fishery owes it’s origins to the 1960’s when thousands of carp, tench and bream were introduced into the lakes. Waveney Valley Lakes was soon recognised as something very special, and many well-known anglers made the complex famous by publicising captures of very big fish. Many of todays top carp anglers have fished Waveney extensively and have caught several of the named fish which are still in evidence today. 16 known 30lb carp, dozens of upper twenties and literally hundreds of 20s.


Marsh Lake is full of carp and catfish with a big head of upper double carp with top fish of a 32lb common and a 29lb mirror. Catfish reach 52lb with several over 30lb.

Yew Tree is prolific for big carp (up to 44lb common) and catfish (up to 50lb, with lots of 30’s).

C Lake has about 150 carp and is famous for it’s big commons with lots of upper 20’s, 5 over 30lb and one which at the right time of year goes over 40lb.

Heartsmere has about 120 carp including a few redmire commons and scaley mirrors up to 30lb. Tench here have been banked to 10lb.

A Lake. All private owners with no day tickets issued. Recent stocking of tench and crucians to enhance the general fishing, and stocked with 40 carp with 3 over 20lb.

B Lake. All private owners with no day tickets issued. Lots of lilies and interesting features, with island. Very good general fishing for roach & bream. Recent stocking of true crucians and tench means they are now providing excellent sport with lots of crucians and tench in the 2-3lb class, with tench up to 8lb. Carp fishing is good too, with 3 fish between 20lb – 25lb and a good head between 6lb-14lb.

D/E Lakes. These lakes are partly separated by a spit which enhances the wildlife variety found around these lakes and make a great fishing feature too. These two lakes offer absolutely superb fishing. The general coarse fishing offers good sport with large bream, roach, perch and pike. Recent stockings of true crucians and tench will shortly bring great dividends to the float and leger anglers. The carp fishing is justly famous with a huge head of good looking commons and mirrors over 20lb, with 5 in excess of 30lb, the largest at 37lb. D lake has some unsold lodge plots so limited day tickets are available until these are sold.

F Lake. All private owners with no day tickets issued. Good mixed fishery, but most owners only fish for the large head of double figure carp, with a few 20lb fish and one over 30lb.

G Lake. All private owners, with the exception of the left hand point swim. Very good general fishing, but most owners fish for the large head of carp, mostly over 20lb and with 5 fish now over 30lb.

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