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Haywards Farm Trout Fishery


Latitude: 51.43134 | Longitude: -1.077565

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Theale, Berkshire

0118 9323422


Set in 45 acres of tranquil Berkshire countryside, Haywards Farm Fishery offers two crystal clear lakes and has abundant fly life, beautiful full tailed fish and landscaped banks which give excellent access and the opportunity to enjoy unimpeded casting.


Hayward Lake
Haywards Lake is the larger of the two waters at 11and ½ acres, with its many bays and promontories, lush grassy banks and depths from 3ft to 15ft. Superb fighting fish gliding in its crystal clear spring waters will give the bank fisherman all he needs to enjoy a great fishing experience at any time of the year. This lake is stocked with quality Brown and Rainbow fish ranging from 2lbs to 12lbs.

Hobby Lake
Hobby Lake is 5 acres; it also has its share of bays and promontories, lush grassy banks and depths from 2 to 15ft. This lake is run as an established ‘catch and release’ basis to fulfill the demands of this kind of fishing.

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