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Wildmoor Waters


Latitude: 51.67411 | Longitude: -1.914445

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Wildmoor Waters The Willows Wildmoorway Lane South Cerney Gloucestershire GL7 5UZ GL7 5UZ

01285 861150


Wildmoor Waters is a privately run, specimen Carp Fishery with carp to over 30lb and provides the perfect venue for quality fishing. South Cerney is set in the heart of the Cotswolds, just five minutes away from Cirencester - the roman capital of the Cotwolds.


Main Lake, at about 4 ½ acres, has many well-spaced swims.
Main Lake is stocked with in excess of 400 specimen carp and offers a selection of big mirrors and commons.
Top Lake, at about ¾ acre, boasts some beautiful fish. Fishing is exclusive to paprties who book the Cabin on Top Lake and provides excellent sport, particularly floater fishing in the summer.
Our fish have been recorded as putting on huge weights in a season with average growth being about 5 - 6 lb. We are committed to producing our first 40 lb carp this year.

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Lovely looking water and fishing can be tough, has minimal swims all close together so best if you can keep to your own group of friends. I was told average fish 15-20lb but got 5 fish scrapper doubles so think they miss advertise. Also a lot of fish caught caught had real bad mouth damage and friend caught a fish towing a bad rig so some real bad angling going here at times by the looks of things





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