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Latitude: 52.71634 | Longitude: 1.096308

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Catch 22, Walnut Tree Farm, Lyng Easthaugh, Norwich, NR9 5LN NR9 5LN

01603 872948


Set in the small village of Lyng Easthaugh in the Wensum Valley, Catch 22 Fisihng Centre is an ideal location for those that enjoy peaceful and rural surroundings. It features two very different lakes and a stretch of the River Wensum. Great care has been taken with the landscaping and water management to provide a relaxing environment.


The Day Ticket Lake is a mature gravel pit of 20 acres that's over forty years old. It has 33 spacious swims. Thirty-one are bankside swims, ten of these are doubles having room for two people. The island swim and peg 32 are situated the northern end of the lake, both reachable by boat. Depths range from eight to twenty-four feet. There are many features including islands, bars, plateaus and a spring.

In 1994 and 1995 under MAFF license the Day Ticket Lake was stocked with 2,200 strong fighting large fin carp. 70% were commons and 30% mirrors and leathers. The average size is now 21lb and many range from 20-30lb. There are sixty known thirties, the lake record standing at 38lb 12oz common in 2004.

The Day Ticket Lake also holds specimen roach to 4lb, bream to 15lb, pike to 35lb and tench to 10lb. Behind the Day Ticket Lake is No.2 Lake, a four acre season ticket water. It's stocked with a good head of carp, the majority weighing between 25lb - 40lb. The lake record stands at 46lb 13oz (2009).

Facilities: tackle shop, breakfast cafe, two holiday lodges, showers/toilets, quad/trailer service.

Catch 22 is open all year, including bank holidays.

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Great lake with a big head of carp very productive if u are on the right method (boilies most of the year) particals in the winter


Good lake but they do have a otter problem at the moment but they are trying to sort it out


Good lake, good fish, good facilities, and nice people however rules arent clear as they say no leadcore, but your are not allowed any leaders at all.







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