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Hazelcopse Trout Fishery


Latitude: 51.09939 | Longitude: -0.479903

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Knowle Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey

01403 822878


Fishery with two lakes noted for Brown Trout and Rainbow Troutfishing.


Permits are available at the Lodge.

Key Species:

  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout

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Water coloured up after all the recent rain, which helped mitigate the bright sunny conditions. A steady breeze helped swing the flies. Caught 10 rainbows all in the 2-3 lb size range. All the fish were in excellent condition and fought hard. All fish were caught on nymphs of one sort or another. Very pleasant location. The real bonus for this neck of the woods is that C&R is allowed year round. Will certainly be back.



The water shelves off very quickly, and the fish seem to position themselves just beyond the shelf edge - so fish your flies all the way back and watch carefully for takes as you lift to recast. Also don't forget to cast parallel to the bank.


When the sun is bright, it is worth fishing an intermediate line with small streamer/lure type patterns. Took 13 out of 16 fish this way last week.


Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout



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