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Latitude: 51.67339 | Longitude: -1.911215

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Watermark Fisheries Wildmoorway Lane South Cerney Gloucestershire GL7 5UZ GL7 5UZ

01285 862680


The Watermark Specimen Fisheries in Gloucestershire offer the finest Carp, Tench, Pike and Perch fishing around. From the inland sea that is the famous Bradleys Fishery, with carp to 40lb+, to the intimate Little Horseshoe of four and a half acres, with its large head of quality carp to 35lb+


Bradleys Lake
Day and season permits available

Bradley's has some ongoing restoration taking place however this has only enhanced the fishing.Please ring for any updates however the fishery will remain open whilst work is carried out.

This mature gravel pit is already well known by the serious specimen hunter for its large carp currently growing over the magical 40lb mark Bradley's has been stocked with 2000 carp in 2006 to compliment the existing head of 250 carp which grow in exess of 40lbs.

Bradleys is well known for its Tench to double figures, Roach, Perch and Rudd. During the winter months the pike angler can expect good sport with large catches commonplace.

Day tickets are available from 'The Tackle Den'. There are several car parks on Bradley's, details will be provided at the tackle shop when you purchase your ticket.

Bradley's is the Jewel in the Crown of Watermark fisheries. This 114 acre mature gravel pit is already well know by the serious specimen hunter for its large carp currently growing beyond the magical 40lb mark as well as specimen Tench into double figures Roach and Perch.

Although a huge venue Bradley's is unusual as far as large English gravel pits go in that it is a consistently prolific fishery for the carp angler and general angler alike. The carp population is in excess of 2500 fish with approximately 40 - 50 of these being very old original fish (this is a rough estimate).

Bradley's is a clearwater fishery with plenty of gravel patches. It is rich in life and now that gravel abstraction has finished is set to become one of the UK's premier carp fisheries.

In terms of other species Bradley's is well known for its Tench with 100lb + bags still commonplace. Tench are caught into double figures with a good average size of 4lbs + to be expected. Roach & Perch can also be caught and during the winter months the pike angler can expect good sport with large catches commonplace. Pike fishing is relatively unexploited however now that new bank space has been created there are many new areas to explore. Pike tend to hug the drop off. Action can be expected throughout the day however the first hour of dusk can be particularly rewarding.

Little Horseshoe
Anglers Factfile
- 4.5 acres
- 450+ Fish to mid 30's
- CCTV on car-park
- Ladies & Gents Showers & Loos
Heated "Anglers Rest" - microwave - fridge - free tea coffee - photo gallery

Welcome to Little Horseshoe Lake. This mature four-acre gravel pit is very intimate in every sense of the word, and if you treat the residents both aquatic and terrestrial with deserved respect you will enjoy some wonderful moments and some incredible experiences.
There is a plethora of animal and bird life around the lake, and you will hear the constant calls of green wood peckers, mimicking what at first appears to be the sound of gulls. The banks are planted with native vegetation, and you will easily find yourself lost from the angler next door!

The Pike Lake
Day Tickets, 24 hour tickets and season passes

This lake screams Pike! With all the features a pike angler likes to see including rush beds and sunken trees. Fish over 20lb are regularly caught.

Day tickets for the pike lake can be bought from 'The Tacle Den', our on-site fishing tackle shop. Deadbaits work extremely well on this lake, the oilier the better, with lampray and herring being particularly effective. Try fishing these popped up, on very low resistance rigs for best results. Most fish are caught on the marginal shelf, with many fish caught at dusk and into darkness.

During the summer months lure fishing tactics are often deadly for the pike and perch and many people are now experimenting with flyfishing with great results. Chest waders are a must to make the most of all the structure that's in the margins in the form of sunken trees and reed beds.

Vehicles can be parked in the visitors centre between 8am and 6pm. 24 hour parking is available at Churn Pool Trout Fishery.

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Infested with signal crays so go prepared! Armo mesh is not up to the job so recommend glugged plastic. Lots of good carp on there and a nice place to be. Beware of the yachts and speedboats on catching your line. Some big carp to be caught but crays are something else, go prepared or be dissappointed









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