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The Monument


Latitude: 52.66297 | Longitude: -2.357292

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The Monument Fishery Lamledge Lane Shifnal Shropshire TF11 8BE TF11 8BE

01952 463141


The Monument in terms of a fishery is nothing short of phenomenal. The growth and condition of the fish is incredible with many fish growing in weight by up to 7lb last season. The Monument as of today has over 300 fish of which 294 are original stock that are still only 8 years old. Now we also have an unknown quantity of magnificent 3 year old fish weighing between 8lb-16lb, these are mainly deep bodied commons. My guess is there are at least 40 of these young fish present.


The History

The name "The Monument" is derived from the old relic that is located on a hill overlooking the fishery. It is the remains of an old water windmill.

I had been searching Shropshire for a few years, trying to find the ideal location to create a purpose built day ticket carp fishery. As I think you will agree if you visit "The Monument" this site has everything.

Advice and Tips

1. The Monument Carp are now clever fish so don’t think you can just roll up and catch them
2. Look at the underwater features in the fishery office so you know your swim
3. The bottom is clay so camou your rigs to suit
4. Bait - get on the going boilie and keep trying something different, prawns, sweetcorn, maize, large pellets - they all catch
5. Keep your casting to a minimum and back lead to put the lines on the bottom
6. Keep quiet and sit back
7. Feed the swim 2 or 3 times per day to keep fresh bait going in

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Hard water but the quarry your fishing for is well worth it


Great pond set up great not very big but great get the right peg with the wind you will catch big




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