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Bedfont Lake

Greater London

Latitude: 51.44586 | Longitude: -0.437314

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Bedfont Lake was once one of the waters to fish during carp fishing’s formative years and many luminaries of the carp fishing world have trodden its banks. Situated just off the A30 near Feltham, Bedfont Lake is a four acre venue comprised of small bays, beds of Norfolk Reeds and lily pads. The lake bed has both silt beds and gravel patches with bars locatable in most areas.


The current venue record is held by a 41lb 3oz Common, there are a dozen other fish over thirty pounds and a good head of twenty-pluses. Successful spawning over the last two seasons has ensured a good head of small carp, which introduce some competition for feeding and make the big girls a little more catchable. Bedfont Lake is also home to some very nice pike and perch; last season pike of over twenty pounds and perch of nearly four pounds visited the bank. Once noted for its tench and crucians, the lake has been fairly quiet for these species recently, with the best reported tench just scraping past six pounds.

During the summer months the lake can get very weedy, which is very good for the carp as the weed harbours a myriad of aquatic life. However, the fishing can require a little more effort, and time spent visiting the lake to trickle a bit of bait in when not fishing can pay dividends when you are. When the colder weather arrives and the weed dies back the water becomes gin-clear, and disguising your end tackle becomes vital, as this lake’s residents have seen it all!

Successful methods at Bedfont include spodding particle over the top of the weed and fishing a critically balanced bait over the top, pva bags of pellet and thoughtfully placed single bright pop ups.

The car park at bedfont is accessed through a combination locked gate and members are requested to ensure they always relock it when entering or exiting the lake.

A season ticket is required to fish at this lake.

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