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River Thames Taplow

Greater London

Latitude: 51.51057 | Longitude: -0.702273

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River Thames Taplow starting from just below Bray Lock and stretched upriver for ¾ of a mile the Thames at Taplow produces just about everything. Mixed bags of roach, dace, perch and chub have been reported – some of the Perch reaching a few pounds. Anglers fishing near to the lock have observed fair numbers of carp during the summer months – the floods during the last couple of seasons have likely benefited the Thames and many other rivers throughout the country.


Fishing during the summer months can be difficult due to the increase in boat traffic passing through Bray Lock, but a change to the carper’s tactic of employing a backlead can make things a lot easier.

During the winter things are a lot easier and conventional tactics can score well; maggot feeders and ‘trotting’ a stick float along the tree line have been successful in the past.

Pike also appear in numbers. Plenty of jacks and doubles are catchable from most areas and the odd twenty pounder has been reported from some spots.

Unfortunately we no longer have access to the car park near the lock, so anglers will have to make their own arrangements with regard to parking.

The River Colne observes the traditional closed season which runs from June 16th until March 16th.

TIP: When the river is in flood use a block end feeder and quiver tip fished across to the crown of the main flow, allowing the feeder to come towards you into the slack water, this can produce good bags of bream with fish from 4-7lb giving a bag weight of approximately 20-30lb.

If you fish late evenings during the summer months you can be rewarded by good bags of roach and dace from the lock cut up to the end of the island.

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