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Latitude: 51.76547 | Longitude: 0.058288

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Flex Meadow, The Pinnacles, Harlow, Essex CM19 5UA CM19 5UA

01279 454528


Timberland Fishery is a relatively new coarse fishery on the western edge of Harlow, currently consisting of 5 lakes. As you enter the fishery, day tickets must be bought from the tackle shop, which stocks essential tackle and baits including maggots, worms and ground baits.


Rose Lake
On the right, as you pass the tackle shop, is our first lake, Rose Lake, which has 21 pegs and features a central island. This lake is stocked with various species including Carp, Bream, Rudd, Perch and Tench. Just behind this lake stand the fisheries Ladies and Gentlemen's toilets.

Mystery Lake
Following the lane down the hill, there is the Mystery Lake on the right, which is a small lake with 7 pegs, known to contain Crucian Carp, Carp, Bream, Tench and Rudd. There are some double figure carp in this lake. Parking is available right beside each peg.

Baggers Lake
To left and behind the Mystery Lake is our match lake Baggers Lake. This has 37 pegs with stocks including Carp, Tench, Bream, Perch, Roach and Rudd.
This lake has a wide lane all the way round - except on the peninsular - which enables parking close to the fishing pegs.

Horse Shoe Lake
At the far end of the fishery behind Baggers Lake and The Mystery lake is The Horse Shoe Lake. This lake holds the largest fish at our fishery. There are 40 pegs available.Stocks include Carp, Tench, Bream, Perch, Roach, Barbel and Rudd. Average Weight of Carp and Bream is 4 to 6 pounds with some Carp over 17 pounds.

Willow Lake
Our most recent lake is Willow Lake, which is located immediately behind the Timberland Cafe and opposite Rose Lake. It has 20 pegs and is popular with youngsters and families, stocked with fish to about 2 pounds including Crucian Carp, Carp, Bream, Chub Tench and Rudd. Parking is available just inside our entrance.

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A all round ok fishery, 5 lakes none very large but plenty of pegs, good on site facilities with tackle shop and cafe, had nice carp ( to 15lb ) bream ( to 7lb) tench ( to 6lb) and plenty of smaller stuff. Good match fishing venue.

Jake Law

I mainly fish the bottom lake 'horse shoe' it's stocked with carp to 22 pound tench to 8 pound and bream also there has recently been sturgeon added to the lake and I have been lucky enough to catch 4 of the original 7 , but now we reckon theres about 20 odd in there! Other lakes are around the same accept have smaller fish and good for pole fishermen , i think overall a good place to go if you want to catch loads of species of fish !

luke pike

I love this place but i only fish the lake called (horse shoe )court some PBS from here a whopping 7lb 1oz tench and a massive 4lb 7oz perch also present in this lake is carp up to 24 pound court last month there are mainly common and mirror with a few f1s, crusion carp and ghost carp also present there are bream in here my dad court a massive 9lb bream from here but that was years ago probably only grow up to around 5-6lb average size is about 3-4 pound there are also roach about to biggest I seen is about 1lb 5oz so not very big and a few roach/bream hybrids to about the same size and also there's only about 3-4 barble in here that are all around 8 pound do there a target for u and ONE catfish too which is probably pushing 15 pound now and also recently been Added sturgeon! There is mainly white sturgeon which I have now court 33 of them and probably most of them ive court 3-4 times lol and also grey sturgeon which are present there are only 3 in here and I court the same one 6 times lol again because I know it is the same fish it is blind in the right eye overall a great place to fish lots of different species to go for and u can't blank so good luck tight lines =)


Plenty of fish ! Plenty of swims. pressured waters, you will find it hard to get a good swim at the weekends. Great for father son fishing not so much for the carp enthusiasts.


luke pike

I do prefer to ledger in horse shoe lake because there is lots of features including over hanging trees Lilly pads and reeds use any bait they take every think over here for instance bolies, sweetcorn, bread, cheese, luncheon meat,domb bells, maggots and casters


Maggots for most. Bread is good on top with the warmer weather.









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