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Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 7QF OX29 7QF

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Six day ticket waters and three syndicate waters make up Linear Fisheries. There are tracks around most of the lakes and parking in many places is within easy walking distance of most swims.


Brasenose One
At approximately 32 acres this long, open, reed fringed water is now into its fifth year as a day ticket water and results continue to get better each year. During 2009 Brasenose One produced large numbers of fish reinforcing its status as Linear's main 'Runs Water'. The large head of carp this water contains continues to produce some stunning results and with the majority of the carp present now double figures and an ever increasing number of twenties, Brasenose One continues to provide great sport for the visiting angler. The biggest carp in 2009 was recorded at over 31lb and in the same period there were six different carp caught over 28lbs. Linear predict that a number of carp will be breaking through the magical thirty barrier in 2010.

Brasenose Two
Within metres of Brasenose One is the second lake on this site. At 34 acres it is a little larger than its neighbour and is also long, open and reed fringed. The stocking of this water started in 2005 and we now estimate the stock to be over 1,100 fish. A high percentage of the fish are commons, fully scaled and linear scaled which are maturing rapidly and soon Brasenose Two will start to rival its sister lake Brasenose One. Already in 2009 we saw a higher percentage of twenties being caught and we believe with the high numbers of different upper doubles caught in that year there will be a lot more twenty pound plus fish caught in 2010. Records already stand at 25.10 for a mirror and over 22lb for a common.

Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool
These two waters, which are joined together by a narrow channel, provide some first class fishing and are believed to contain some of the prettiest carp in the country. The largest resident in the lake is now a mirror known as 'Jordan' which has been out at just over 40lb in the past and was caught at 38.08 in 2009. We estimate that there are between 20 and 25 different thirties in the water with at least five of these over 35lb. To complement these there are at least another 150 twenties with a good number of growing doubles to back them up.

The lake record for a common carp is 39. 14 and for a mirror it is 43. 10. It is Linear's policy to continue stocking more fish in the future and during 2010 we plan to introduce at least another 100 carp.

In addition to the carp, the waters also hold some tremendous fish of other species. In past years there have been pike caught to over 31lb, bream over 14lb, tench to 11lb plus, and roach to 3.15. Although the main Hardwick car park is not locked the pedestrian entrance off this car park is and like our other lakes you will be locked in at nights.

Hunts Corner Lake
This lovely lake of over nine acres is situated just a few minutes drive away from the main complex where in 2009 carp to over 39lbs were recorded. We estimate the water to hold over 300 carp with the majority of these being mirrors although a number of commons and scaly mirrors were introduced in 2009. We believe that at least 40% of the carp present in the water weigh in excess of 20lbs - and eight different 30lb fish have been recorded since the water opened as an exclusive day ticket water in July 2009. This is a beautiful secluded long rectangular shaped gravel pit that is well matured; there are only ten swims that have been situated in the best possible way to give the angler more seclusion and nearly an acre of water to fish. Prices are slightly higher than our other day ticket waters and places are available on a first come first served basis - we do not take bookings.

Access to Hunts is through the main Oxlease gate which is locked at night. As with Oxlease anyone arriving during lock up times must wait in the main Hardwick car park at the main site until the gates are unlocked by 8am.

There is a car park close to the water and a toilet on site. The showers are located on the main Hardwick Day Ticket site just a few minutes drive away. As with all the other day ticket waters at Linear, providing swims are free, anglers can just turn up and start fishing and await a visit from a Linear bailiff.

Manor Farm Lake
Manor Farm Lake at approximately 14 acres is very similar to the adjacent St. Johns and like St. Johns it regularly produces good results. We estimate that the water now contains over 500 carp with at least 25 of these being over thirty pounds and another three which were recorded at weights over 38lb. In addition there have been three different 40 pound carp caught from the water in the last two years and the lake record stands at 42.10 for a mirror and 32.02 for a common. Plenty of back up fish in excess of twenty pounds along with numerous upper doubles are present. Linear?s stocking policy on this water is on-going with a low number of selected, fast growing carp being introduced regularly.

Other fish should not be neglected - the water contains a big head of tench, pike and rudd which can provide top class sport for those who choose to fish for them.

Oxlease Lake
The 26 acre Oxlease Lake is situated off the B4449 as you approach the main day ticket complex from Oxford just beyond the West Oxfordshire Sailing Club Lake; it is well sign-posted.

Linear believes that the water now holds over 1,000 carp; during the last two years we identified 21 different thirties from anglers photographs and noted that a high percentage of the other fish caught were over twenty pounds. Over 350 carp were stocked towards the end of 2009 and we plan to stock with at least another 200 carp in 2010.

Please remember that the Oxlease gate will be locked for security reasons at night. If you arrive after it is locked you must park in the 24-hour Hardwick Car Park at the main site until we open at 8am. You must not block the gate or park alongside the track leading past Newlands Angling Club - if you do so you may be asked to leave the fishery.

St Johns Lake
This famous 18 acre water remains one of the top day ticket lakes in the UK and many anglers visiting this beautifully mature lake, some for the first time, have gone home happy in the knowledge that they had caught a personal best carp, tench, catfish, pike or even bream.

During 2008/9 five different carp have gone over the magical 40lb barrier with two of these being commons. The complex record, a mirror of 44.10 was caught in 2009 and with the carp still continuing to grow who knows what size these carp will attain in the next few years.

St. Johns is probably one of the most prolific twenties and thirties day ticket waters in the country; with the phenomenal growth rate that has been recorded there over the years there is every good reason to say this and nothing to say that it will not improve even more. Not including the five forties Linear estimate that the water could hold up to forty 30lb plus fish and in addition the water contains a very large head of twenties. In 2009 many anglers went home happy after breaking their PB or after landing their first ever twenty or thirty.

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Very good for the money real nice place


Absolute shit hole, facilities nil, over price , over fished & under stocked, avoid at all costs. They must pay matt Hayes a fortune to promote this load of rubbish!!


Been twice wiv a 2 of us then 5 wiv total of 6 days and only 1 fish came out. overpriced by far. both times only seen 2 fish out buy other anglers never again shall I go shame really coz the place is perfect settings


Hard to fish but if you know your stuff you'll be fine beautiful complex il be there all year :)


Absolute crap went for three days caught nothing there was people who had been there for two weeks with no fish and complaints off gear theft so avoid expensive peice off poo


Got to train hear for the junior carp champs anyone got any good tips


Great complex, Read the other reviews and laughed! How can you call the venue crap if you didn't catch! Prices are the same as any other venue for a 24hr ticket! Facility's are good, there are showers, fresh drinking water, porta Loos dotted about the lakes, plenty of parking, local takeaways deliver to your lake and the gates get locked of an evening with security through the night.


The people who have left rubbish reviews are obviously fisherman ( probably used to waters where you throw in and catch ) but I'd say very inexperienced. You only get out what you put in though. I've done at least 30 nights over the last 3 years on St Johns, blanked many a time but had a few great sessions. Best to date was 72 hrs fishing, 9 runs, missed 1, lost 2, banked 6, biggest 28.5 and only 1 under 20 ! I love this place but you need to do your homework, it has some fantastic fish, the bailiffs are great, security Is so much better now too. Where can you go to a day ticket water with 5 different 40's in and expect to catch straight away, nowhere.....


Love the place... Worth the 2-3 hr drive from Manchester...


First time up there on a 3) hour sesh ! On11th November had first frost 2days b4 hand had a go on st jon's an b1 went with 4 kg of mags . Blank't ! But going bk 2nd of next month . Ps I don't do 3rd time lucky 🙏💪🎣also sort the rubbish out arounnd the place ! dirty lazy old tosspots

Weed everywhere! Did loads of work with a marker float and eventually found some silt! Two days with the night between and didn't see a fish out anywhere! Tried bottom, zig and chod set up. I think you would have to be very experienced to catch here as they must be so pressured. We went when it was wet and windy in the week and it was still full. Will try again some day!


Fished oxlease had 12 fish biggist 26lb brilliant place to fish was top rod for the weekend and was nice of Roy parsons to tell me that :) can't wait to go back!!


You can keep your specimen hunting, had a glorious day on the Hunts Corner Pond for their Tench. Very secluded, peaceful, beautiful countryside. Couldn't ask for much more. Perfect for introducing newbies to the sport.


Cracking place the people who are moaning about blanking are just not good anglers first visit had a 38.9 mirror lots of fish in every lake and you won't catch better looking fish anywhere


This place is a pb smasher


Don't be shy to keep spodding


Brilliant place 2 spend a few nights



Don't decide where your fishing before you get there, as any where you go find them! Spodding over zigs will usually produce.


Try using some pink hook baits but try spodding over zigs or fishing on the top with bright hook baits. Don't decide where u r going too fish before u get there go where the fish are!!

Sam Hubbard

Mainline cell cannot fail if accurately spodded


Manor farm lake the fish follow the wind


Find gravel patches loads of them about









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