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Cobbleacre Park Lakes


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Brick Kiln Road Hevingham Norfolk NR10 5NL NR10 5NL



Cobbleacre Park is a 6 fishing lake complex, of which 1 is a Specimen lake with carp up to 36lb and large catfish. For the beginner we offer some easier waters and fishing tuition. The fishing on the complex can only be described as simply outstanding, with lakes for the specimen hunter and novice angler all housed on one safe complex, a perfect place for relaxing fishing and fishing holidays.


Specimen Lake
Mario's Lake is the jewel within our crown, it is a beautiful mature 3.5 acre lake with depths from 5-13 feet.
Features of this lake include islands, deep margins, lily pads and thick reed beds along with a variety of bottom features.

Carp respond to many methods and tactics with no one bait prevailing, however a bait placed close to either island can be a good place to start.

Fish stock include 70+ twenty lb carp, 6+ thirty lb carp, along with 10+ twenty lb catfish and 3 thirty lb catfish reaching a venue record of 35lb+.

The lake contains thirty pound commons, mirrors, leathers and ghosties. These fish are in A1 condition and fight hard in the lakes deep margins. Our management programme of the lakes will ensure that the stock will only increase in quality over the years to come with our aim to keep Mario’s lake as arguably one of the best big carp lake in Norfolk.

If you want to beat your personal best or just catch big fish in peaceful settings then this is the lake for you.

Pleasure Lakes
Adams lake is for the carp angler who likes to get a run, the lake contains no less than 200+ doubles figure carp along with another 300 up and coming young fish as part of our continual management and stocking plan all within 2.5acres!

These fish are putting on 2-3lb a year, which will mate Adams Lake a superb runs water.

The lake also contains carp to well over twenty pounds so the fish of a lifetime is always on the cards.

Other stocks include large bream to 13lb, tench to 10lb+ along with a variety of silver fish.

Alex's is our fun pool, it's around 4 acre and offers fabulous fishing.

You are likely to catch many different species within this lake. It holds prolific head of carp to 17lb+ but averaging 5lb, crucian's (3lb+), large head of tench, roach, rudd, perch etc.

This little pool is a great place to spend a day or evenings fishing for all the family.

All our lakes are between 50 and 300 meters from the caravans with parking available along many of them to allow easy access to the water and a short distance to walk.

Match Lakes
These lakes can be fished on a day ticket at any time except when matches are on.

Gianna's lake is around 2 acres and is our silver fish match lake containing prolific stocks of roach, rudd, ide, crucian carp, tench, bream, large perch (5lb+) and a few large wily old carp to 20lb+.Catch this lake in the right mood and a huge net is most defiantly on the cards

Amy's lake is targeted at the match carp anglers it is around 3 acres in size and contains large numbers of carp between 3-7lb average but they do run into double figures. Other stocks include a prolific head of tench, perch, roach, rudd along with chub, barbel and ide.

These lakes can offer a great days fishing with all features comfortable distances within pole reach.

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Very. Nice fishery kept clean but the bailiff is a bit of a knob apart from that it can be easy to catch if you use right tactics amy's lake (match lake) is a nice small lake with carp up to 18lb


Stayed here for two weeks last year. Got on fine with the bailiff, in fact he let us fish the specimen lake free for a bit and sorted us out with extras for our caravan. Fishing was good here especially floating crust for the carp late in the evening. The tench seemed rather partial to cockles too! We preferred Adams lake.


Nice fishery, bailiffs a knob!!

mark belton

17 June 2012 what a day 7 fish to 20pounds from first pit on left of drive


Plenty to choose from and pretty easy fishing although I have not fished it myself I have heard the specimen lake is very hard fishing













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