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Ashby Road, Spilsby, Lincolnshire PE23 5DW PE23 5DW

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Woodlands Fishery is a 5 lake 100 peg complex set in 12 acres of natural valley on the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.


Willow Lake
Willow is the original lake on the Woodlands complex, this lake was dug around 25 years ago and started life as a trout fishery. Situated at the head of our valley Willow is fed by stream & spring ensuring a constant flow of oxygen rich water.

Willow Lake is a pleasure fishing only lake with no matches here. 12 pegs in a beautiful and tranquil setting offering a really relaxing days sport. Average depth is 4 - 6 feet

Heavily stocked with quality true crucian carp, Tench & Bream. Willow also has a stock of mirror & common carp up to approx 10lbs in weight. This is an upper limit on this lake.

Oak Lake
Oak at around one acre is the largest of the three original lakes at Woodlands.

A unique feature of Oak is our floodlights that allow early & late season evening matches. Our Thursday night open matches are now very popular, with fishing from 6-30pm to 10pm under floodlights, draw at 6pm. A unique experience and weights are good also with 40lb needed to win most weeks. The evening match record stands at 49lb 15oz not bad for three & half hours floodlight fishing. Matches start in April & run through to October.

Oak Lake has 17 custom built pegs and easy access all round. It also has one peg designed for the wheelchair bound angler, which can be reserved in advance.

The carp in Oak Lake are mainly in the 2lbs - 8lbs size range but there are bigger specimens that go well into double figures. Oak is famous for its huge stock of true crucian carp that provide some excellent sport in the summer months, 40lb - 50lb nets are not uncommon. Tench & Bream make up the bulk of the remaining stock.

Average depth is 6 - 8 feet. Best baits are pellet, corn, luncheon meat & maggots.

Hawthorn Lake
This is the newest and largest of the lakes at Woodlands with 36 pegs at a full 10 yards spacing. Hawthorn Lake features a reed fringed central island with water that varies from 16 metres to a maximum of 35 metres to the island. It is a multi-method venue that has excellent feeder and long distance waggler pegs, as well as pegs suited to the long pole methods so popular on today’s commercial waters.

Initially stocked with Mirror, Common and some Ghost Carp, these fish have shown some impressive growth rates in the last few years with fish up to 15lbs now being landed. A further stocking of carp up to 2lbs took place in the spring of 2007 and there is now an excellent mix of fish throughout all the weight ranges. The lake also has a healthy stock of skimmers and Bream to 6lb, along with some Crucian Carp and an improving quality of Roach and Perch.

Elm Lake
Elm Lake is set in the middle of our natural valley and is the second lake on the Woodlands complex. It is heavily stocked with Mirror and Common Carp with the best recorded fish tipping the scales at 21lb 10oz. The lake contains many doubles and numerous fish in the 5lb - 8lb range, making for an enjoyable and often hectic days sport. Whilst most anglers choose to target the carp, the lake also supports a healthy stock of Crucian Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach and Bream.

Ash Lake
Ash Lake is one of two new match lakes that opened in the summer of 2004. It has 17 pegs at a full 10 yards spacing ensuring that all anglers have ample space to fish the margins, a good summer method here. Initially stocked with Mirror and Common Carp, these fish have shown some exceptional growth rates with fish to 15lbs now being caught. With a further stocking of carp up to 2lb taking place in the spring of 2007, there is now an excellent mix of fish throughout all the weight ranges. Coupled with a good head of Crucian Carp, Perch, Roach and Bream, anglers can confidently look forward to a fine days sport at this productive venue.

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