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Anglers Paradise The Gables, Halwill Devon EX21 5XT EX21 5XT

01409 221 559


Imagine your perfect holiday - an anglers paradise of wonderful lakes, plenty of large and small fish, undisturbed and utterly peaceful fishing in beautiful surroundings, the finest accommodation, friendly and relaxing after fishing activities and paradise for all the family as well. You have just imagined Anglers Paradise.


Main Carp Lake
The Jewel in the Estate is this 4 acre lake with five islands and a sheltered Pagoda.

The lake is teeming with:
Golden Orfe,
Golden Tench,
Wells Catfish,
Grass Carp.

The water in the lake is very rich and the Carp flourish without undue pressure from the angler.
There are now over 200 doubles - average size over 18lbs plus - with about 100 twenties.

Also Wels Catfish to 50lbs

The big fish can be difficult!

Octopussy Lake
This lake of 1 acre has an Octopussy island so that all anglers can have their own bay and swim.

In the lake there are:
Golden Orfe
Golden Tench

There are now over 60 doubles to mid twenties. Octopussy is an intermediate Carp lake.

Easy Access Lake
This is a lake located right at the entrance to a car park.

Stocked with double figure:
Golden Tench
Catfish over 50lbs, it provides serious fishing for all our guests. There is also a sheltered Pagoda with priority for the disabled.

Beginners Carp Lake
This one acre lake with an island is home to over 1000 Carp to double figures, mostly between 2lbs - 4lbs.

There are also hundreds of Blue Orfe and Golden Tench.

The fish are always more obliging here which makes this lake great for all types of fisherman.

Float Fishing Lake
This lake has:
2,500 Golden Rudd to over 2 lbs (1 Kg)
150 Golden Tench to over 6 lbs (3 Kgs)
Golden Carp to over 10 lbs (4.5 Kgs)
2,500 Crucian Carp to over 3 lbs (1.3 Kgs)
There are also a few Koi to 10 lbs plus (5 Kgs).

Nobody who has spent a day on this lake has blanked and some people regularly catch over 300 in a day. This has been a major confidence booster and tonic, especially if Carp in the main lake have been elusive.

Tench Lake
This is the only lake in the country in the shape of a Tench.

Over an acre in size, it has about 500 Golden Tench from 1lb to 6lbs. Also over 500 Blue Orfe and Koi Orfe have been introduced, to over 5lbs.

Many have been the jokes about guests who had Blue Orfe after dinner.

Pixie Lake
This lake is about a third of an acre in size and is located closest to the accommodation. It is stocked with 100s of Koi.

Pixie lake is ideal for adults or children just starting to fish.

Magic Lake
Larger than Pixie Lake, it is stocked with even more Koi and Koi Orfe.

Specimen Carp Lake
There are 33 Carp in this enlarged two and a half acre lake, average size upper twenties. Over eight of these are thirties with some nudging forties (13 - 18 Kgs).

These are BIG fish! so don't be surprised if you blank.

In addition there are Tench over 5lbs (2.3 Kgs) and some Catfish to 50lbs+.

The lake now has two islands.

Koi Lake
Situated in the woods at the entrance to the Woodland Sculpture Trail and two and a half acres in size, this beautiful lake contains 100's of Koi from 2lbs to about 20lbs.

There is a jetty from which you can pull yourself to the island on our impressive dragon headed raft. This can be most useful for marooning the troublemakers in your party!

Do not play on the Dragon Raft whilst people are fishing.

Specimen Golden Tench and Golden Orfe Lake
This lake has over 30 Golden Tench from 4lbs to over 8lbs (1.8 - 3.6 Kgs) and 30 Golden Orfe from 4lbs to over 8lbs (1.8 - 3.6 Kgs).

UK Golden Tench and Golden Orfe are in this lake waiting to be caught.

Specimen Lakes and Koi Lake are only available at the quoted price to those who have booked to fish the other lakes. Otherwise the prices are double.

Trout Lake
A new addition to the Anglers Paradise lakes complex is a Trout Lake with five different species of Trout:


Angler's Paradise also has barbel.

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This is Paradise for pleasure and specimen anglers alike. Fantastic fishing and accommodation . Zyg has a diamond that just keeps shining


This place looks nice must go there. Your missing barbel they've got . Well that's what there web says

Sam Hubbard

I'm going there in summer looks magical will report back then


Right, so people who have never been here but 'must visit it' are giving this (and other places) 5 stars....the point of a review is to give your opinion once you've been to a venue, you contribute nothing to this app doing what you are annoying.


This place is shit, I've never been there but I'm guessing it is because I feel like saying so, will report back in the summer when I don't bother going there!


Going again in 4 weeks time with all the family. It's our 10th visit which I think says it all! Watch out for Zyg's wine!


Fantastic place , good fishing just keep going back . Good variety of lakes and plenty to do .

Sam Hubbard

Did go their it was worthy of 5 star by any standard. Im sorry what was that withnai1 u mad. You should be because you are missing out it really is a venue that will suit anyone's ability with over 19 lakes their is variety and you cannot get bored the only thing I could fault was it is very expensive with everything costing lots of money even ping pong


I fish the day ticket lakes and would say its a grate place for bigginers and for the most experienced of anglers with plenty of big carp and cats. The kracking carp lake lake is well worth a visite with some awsome carp in there i was luckyanuf to have one of the biggist at 39lb 6oz.

Sam Hubbard

Going there again great website and forum there's even a picture of me and my friend playing table tennis Great specimens of some really unusual species


Well what can I say. It has something for everyone it has big catfish, big carp and also British record golden tench. Has over 25 lakes for all types if anglers!!!


Am going there in 19 days and am going to have a great time


Carp lake and easy access lake are really good. Accommodation is brilliant too


The accommodation is first class, luxurious even. No problem taking the wife and kids.


Carp lake is fantastic if a bit of a trek from the lodges.


Fishing, accommodation and helpfulness of staff top notch


27 pound mirror from carp lake beating my pb. Well chuffed


Heard it's a very good place 20 or 30+ carp in there



When fishing speci carp lake use big baits to avoid small fish


When fishing speci carp lake avoid fishing to the lilies as everybody does!! Fish the margins and in the channel


When fishing pixi avoid using maggot if targeting the bigger fish in the lake


When fishing the main lake try fishing the swims which are over looked


When fishing on the top use hairigged pop ups as you will have loads of action


When fishing easy access use 1 21 mm halibut pellets for the cats


When fishing the koi lake try and have some fun by fishing on the top. You can target the fish and you will get a better stamp of fish on the whole, don't use small baits like corn or you will be pestered by the small fish if the lake. Koi are hard fighting fish so use tackle strong enough to catch them , there is no point angling for fish that you will just loose. Also try flavouring your mixers as this may give you a edge


When fishing beginners carp lake I would advise using a hard pellet as irbid a very well stocked lake and it will keep the time spent we hooking baits Down!!! Also try fishing on the top on this lake in the corners where nobody fishes, you can easily catch 100lb plus on a good day with the right tactics


Also when fishing the big carp lakes try a bright pop up as they have been doing really well!! Also when fishing a bottom bait use a piece of pop up corn too make it easier for the fish to suck it up and for a bit of colour.


When fishing for the cats use 2 21 mm halibut pellets soaked a fish oil eg salmon or tuna as this makes the breakdown time much longer!! I would use 35kb Kryston quick silver to avoid being snapped off because of their pads. Try and fish the deep water and the monk

Sam Hubbard

The bigger the better when it comes to catfish halibut pellets are the most popular

Sam Hubbard

For the big carp these are pressured fish grease your line heavily when surface fishing and use bread Not pop ups not boilies bread as nobody uses it

Sam Hubbard

There is a tutor called Julian chidgey he is very helpfull indeed he does guided sessions on any lake you want

Sam Hubbard

In the beginners carp lake it is best to fish on the surface with bread or mixers as they are used to normal commercial methods such as pellet waggler

Sam Hubbard

For the koi lake use corn and pellet bait spots until you can see big orange tails in them lol and lower in paste this catches enormous koi to 5lb + which is rather large for koi

Sam Hubbard

Richworth kg1 boilies are the best I have found for the main carp lake

Sam Hubbard

Another great surface bait is sonubaits oily floaters hookable and much more attractive than mixers These have even taken golden tench from specimen tench and orfe off the top for me

Sam Hubbard

To get bites on specimen carp try to be different and don't just fish to the island

Sam Hubbard

At this venue try to personalize your rigs in a way as these fish have seen every standard rig in the book daily Try something new

Sam Hubbard

On the small lakes its a waiting game for the koi at pixie and magic they are wary of any bait that is constantly being moved or repositioned the best thing to do is leave it as one of these spooky fish will eventually think its safe and take it thinking its a free offering

Sam Hubbard

For the tench lake use maggots but wet them slightly and add a little bit of Horlicks drink powder as this glues the maggots together like a ball you can bulk maggot feed of the small fish and bring in the bigger fish

Sam Hubbard

When you are here you will notice that there are lots of slugs!!! Use them as bait nobody else does and you can catch fish on a bait they eat by the kilo naturally round here just some basic watercraft but it can catch you lots of fish


Every Wednesday go to the rig clinic as this will help u to know how all the fish feed and what Rigs and lakes have been fishing well.


When fishing speci carp lake use back leads and light leads with a sinking line


When fishing on the top use floating line and small strong hooks. And try and feed in the same place and don't strike too early


When fishing the main lake I find small areas if bait with around 50 boilies round your hook bait but during the night put lots of bait out as the fish move in big groups


Small patches of bait but good quality boilies worked for me



Blue Trout

Brown Trout



Golden Orfe

Rainbow Trout



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