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Bake Fishing Lakes


Latitude: 50.4049 | Longitude: -4.368612

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Bake Fishing Lakes Trerulefoot Saltash PL12 5BW PL12 5BW

01752 849027


15 acres of water offering fishing for all and natural history in abundance. We have a Kingfisher in residence and rare dragonflies regularly recorded.


Emperor and Little Emperor, are stocked with Rudd, Roach, Dace and Gudgeon to 6" and small Crucian, Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp.

Treasure Island has all the above species plus larger specimens with carp to 2lb. It also has small bream and tench. Its islands give good cover to shoals of fish.

Luxor is the specimen carp lake with mirror and common carp to 25lb, bream averaging 6lb.and tench averaging 3lb.

Flamingo is an ideal instruction lake with rainbow from 1½ - 8lb.

Dunes is the catch and release lake with 1½ - 4lb and brown trout from 1 - 4lb.

Mirage is the 5ac lake with rainbow from 1½ - 15lb, and brown trout from 1½ - 12lb.

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Fished the small canal lake Saturday 31st July, must have caught at least 40 carp, started off on corn on the bottom then floated bread. More fun than you could shake a stick at! My wife also caught at least 40 on the canal then moved to Dunes silver fish lake and didn't stop catching there.


Cracking fishing spend a lot of time in Cornwall so will be back again


Ok people, here on holiday and went with the family. It's on the high side for price but what a setting and good parking close to the pegs. Paths are good and access is very good, you can find shelter even in the high winds we were having today. the fishery is mature with trees that provide shelter and also good cover for the carp which you can fish against. Great variety, fished Luxor the specimen lake. True bivvy men would be looking for something a little better. We all caught several carp and lost a few too, there were some very carp lurking around. The fish we caught were all in very very good condition. Improvements are that a woman's/children's loo is a must.



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