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Taswood Lakes Mill Road, Flordon Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 1LX NR15 1LX

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Taswood is unique in that we offer excellent specimen carp fishing as well as superb sport for the traditional coarse angler. The taswood fishery is in its 30th year and is growing rapidly. With its unique fishing and tranquil setting, its the perfect day or holiday for any angler. The complex comprises of eleven lakes beside the River Tas in the heart of Norfolk and offers the best coarse and carp fishing available on a day ticket in the region.


The Grove is a recent addition to the Taswood portfolio, it used to be a trout lake which featured on one of John Wilson’s fishing programmes, but has since been re-sculptured and restocked with stacks of fast growing very hungry British carp ranging from 5lb to 28lb.

Secluded sheltered water with comfortable large swims, a ‘RUNS WATER’.

If you want a quick bend in your rod, have only time for a short session or are new to Carp fishing this is the water for you.

It’s around 5 Acres in size with all fishing on one side with lily pads, reeds and bays to cast to. The fish like loads of bait, all methods work well and they also like to take floating baits competing with the ducks.

One of the three specialist Carp lakes a beautiful mature tree and shrub lined lake. Flat grassed banked swims, plenty of room for bivvys, the lake being split by fantastic beds of water lilies. Each swim is individual with out of bounds areas on opposite banks to avoid any over casting etc. The lake is a silty bottom, about 7 Acres in size and runs from around 3 foot deep to around 6 foot deep in areas.

This is a fairly easy Carp water with a large head of mixed Carp including Ghosties and Grassies nearing the 40lb mark.

This season 2009, the lake has yielded over a dozen 35lb + fish, lots of lovely 30s and over a hundred reported 20s.

The current lake record is 38 lb 12 oz.

As well as carp, this lake also holds some very large bream and coarse fish and a large head of pike running well over 25 lbs.

The specialist Taswood Carp water mainly fished by Taswood members, day tickets are available, but must be prebooked (max 3 day tickets at a time on the lake unless by special arrangement).

A beautiful, picturesque water with overhanging willows. The lake is much deeper than Heron with depths from 5 to 15 feet and is about 5 Acres in size. The bottom is silty with lots of prominent gravel bars.

Single and double swims with various features to cast to in every swim. The far banks, lily pads and overhanging trees are the most popular areas to fish to.

The larger specimens reside in Broadwing with over 30 fish recorded over 35 lb this year, and countless thirties and twenties. We have recently stocked the lake with some fast growing British carp which will hopefully become the monsters of the future!

Broadwing has already yielded a forty pounder with a beautiful 41lb 3 oz ghost carp which is possibly the largest recorded carp of its kind in the country!

A long narrow lake with seventeen secluded individual swims, a very popular water with match anglers. The banks are lined with mature shrubs and trees and all pegs have purpose built platforms. Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch etc. A club match yielded 64lbs 4oz of small Carp after Club members had cleared a thick layer of ice to enable them to fish!

This lake is famous for its ‘flying bream’ which jump out of the water when hooked.

As the name suggests this lake is fed by freshwater springs rising from the Tas Valley, it is possibly the most beautiful and picturesque lake in the country being surrounded by mature trees and shrubs with weeping willows dipping into the water and clumps of different coloured water lilies.

There is a large head of Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp to 20lbs. Grass Carp and Chub have recently been restocked. There are also Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucians, Bream and Tench in abundance. Pleasure and match bags in excess of 100lbs are common place.

Another beautiful secluded lake surrounded by mature trees and shrubs.

This lake is popular with pleasure anglers as it offers something different. Golden tench, green tench, chub barbel, crucians and grass carp. There are no silver fish or ordinary carp and no matches are allowed on the lake.

A purpose built coarse anglers Specimen Lake with large Bream, Tench, Crucians, Barbel, Chub and Perch.

This lake is for the purist coarse angler who wants to use light sporting tackle without needing to scale up to avoid being smashed up by large Carp., There are purpose built comfortable swims with deep water close in. No matches are allowed on this lake.

This lake was recently used by Bob Nudd to film a DVD on ‘An Introduction to Waggler fishing’ and during filming he caught a stunning variety of fish including large tench.

This lake was again constructed for purist coarse anglers, Green and Golden Tench, Barbel, Chub, Crucian and Bream water. This lake is more “Tenchy” being lily fringed and containing a fair amount of weed growth. The lake is very sheltered, ideal in windy conditions when Osprey can be difficult, No matches are allowed on this lake.

This lake was again constructed for purist coarse anglers, Green and Golden Tench, Barbel, Chub, Crucian and Bream water. This lake is more “Tenchy” being lily fringed and containing a fair amount of weed growth. No matches are allowed on this lake.

Lakeside lodges are also available for fishing holidays.

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Broadwing - the far banks, lily pads and overhanging trees are the most popular areas to fish to.










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