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Latitude: 51.40088 | Longitude: -2.873457

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Plantations Lakes, Middle Lane, Kingston Seymour, North Somerset, BS21 6XW BS21 6XW

(01934) 832325


Plantation Lakes opened in 1994. The complex has three lakes open at the moment and all are all heavily stocked with a wide variety of coarse fish. The coarse and carp lakes were dug in the summer of 1994 and opened for fishing the following November. The match or horseshoe lake as it is also known was dug in the autumn of 1999 and opened for fishing in February 2000.


The Coarse Lake
The coarse lake is beautifully landscaped with trees, flowers and good marginal plant growth throughout. There are 2 islands and a wealth of fishing features including lily pads, reed beds and rushes.

Recently cleaned out and de-silted, this secluded, peaceful lake is a popular venue and seems to fish well in any conditions.

The lake contains 9 different species including a good head of: Common, Mirror and Crucian Carp, Perch, Tench, Golden Rudd, Rudd, Bream, Roach, Dace and Gudgeon.

Lake records are: 2.5lb Roach, 3lb Perch, 6lb Bream and 6lb Tench.

The pole is always popular for non-carp specialists, the waggler is also a favoured method.

Anglers fishing these techniques tend to use maggots, sweetcorn, pellets and meat, although those fishing maggots should be prepared to wade through the inevitable small fish until the bigger specimens push them out of the swim.

The Match Lake
The lake varies in depth and has various features such as small islands of reed beds to target.

The lake has been stocked with huge levels of Common, Mirror and Crucian Carp, Rudd, Tench, Roach, Bream, Golden Rudd, Perch and Skimmers.

The lake can be booked for open and club matches. It is not uncommon to see bags in matches up to 100lb and when not booked for matches can be fished for pleasure with great sport to be had.

The Carp Lake
A 0.75 acre lake situated at the end of the fishery. What this lake lacks in size, it makes up for in great fishing. There are 16 pegs, including a few double swims.
The Carp lake is stocked with a good head of Carp, including Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Ghost Carp.

Most of the Carp are of a double figure size and the biggest Carp are now 20lb+. The lake also features a small island.

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