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Lakeland Fishery


Latitude: 51.77214 | Longitude: 0.619179

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Wickham Bishop Road, Hatfield Peverel, Essex, CM3 2JL CM3 2JL

01245 380416


Lakeland Fishery is a beautifully maintained, natural fishery consisting of three lakes (Lily, Wood and Swan Syndicate) within fifteen acres of unspoiled countryside.


Lily Lake
Lily Lake has been pegged for 21 all weather decked swims and is available for day & match fishing. 1 acre lake, 5 foot deep, with an island in the middle. Good access for all disabilities. Ideal pole rod feeder. Top match weight in 2009, 149lbs. Best bait - soft pellets, corn, luncheon meat, worm & maggots. A well stocked lake consisting of common, mirror, crucian and brown carp which average up to 20lb. Bream up to 8lb. Tench up to 6lb. Rudd, roach, perch, barbel, chub, gudgeon etc

Wood Lake
Wood Lake, pegged for 14 swims which is also available for day & match fishing, has the same species of fish as Lily lake, is 7 ft deep, approx 0.75 acre and similar to a canal lake. Top weight in 2009, 135lbs. This lake is fantastic for tench fishing, especially in Spring and Summer, 40 - 50 being caught per day.

Swan Syndicate Lake
Swan Syndicate Lake has been pegged for 20 swims. Is 5.5 acres, 13ft deep and has two large islands, well landscaped. 100+ carp, between 20lb - 44lbs. All English fish. Continuous fishing available for up to 72 hours (no return within 24 hours). 3 rods permitted (see rules) Really friendly atmosphere. These are all people who live to fish. There is a communal shed with two toilets & showers for your use.

Purpose built disabled swims are available.

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