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Creedy Lakes


Latitude: 50.80135 | Longitude: -3.647216

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Creedy Lakes, Long Barn, Crediton, Devon, EX17 4AB EX17 4AB

(01363) 772684


Set in peaceful, picturesque surroundings, these two 18th century spring-fed waters offer some of the hardest fighting carp in Devon. Abundantly stocked with immaculate commons (to over 31lbs), mirror and koi carp, together with green and golden tench, make it one of the best big fish day ticket water venues in the Southwest. Many anglers confidently travel quite some distance regularly to visit us.


Main Lake
Predominantly stocked with larger, common carp it provides a challenging, mature venue for the more experienced angler. BK guide - moderately difficult venue

The lake common record stands at 31lbs 3oz 2003 amidst an excellent stock of 20 pounders, mid-upper double figure carp with a sprinkling of 30pounders. There are some plump tench to over 7lbs 8oz and also golden tench,  There are also a few eels to 8lbs. The water is triangular in shape with water depths ranging from 3feet—11/12feet at the weir/outflow beside the old boathouse. Two corner islands plus a larger central island with overhanging willow and shrubs. First swim of right hand bank is priority wheelchair users. Fine gravel level path access all around the main lake with established shrub/tree screening between swims.

Top Lake
(2 acres)
An excellent venue for the less experienced angler, well stocked with smaller fish yet with the real possibility of a big 20 pounder catch.. Predominantly common plus a few mirror carp, a large portion of the stock are single and low double figure specimens. There are some upper doubles and a sprinkling of 20pounders along with ghost carp to 5lbs +, green tench to over 5lbs and some golden tench. This water is oval in shape with a central island, a gravel bar in the deeper section and lily pad area towards the shallower water depths.

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Get on the fish and you'll have a good days fishing :) corn and pellet. Surface fishing in the summer works well too






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