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Stambridge Fisheries


Latitude: 51.5906 | Longitude: 0.740352

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Great Stambridge, Essex

01702 258274


Fishery with two lakes noted for Bream, Carp, Roach, Rudd and Tench fishing.


Permits are available from the Post Office.

Key Species:

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench

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I'm new to fishing so this is a limited review because I do not have anything to compare it too. But I must say this is a great place if you want to do float fishing for silver fish it's a fish a cast ,but I prefer to go for the bream so I used the Preston method feeder and during a 5 hour session I caught 3 no 2 to 3pm bream . The bailiff who walks around is really friendly and game me lots of advice. Overall a great place and I will be going back.


Not a very nice place to go if you want a quiet relaxing day. The main lake is small or Carp fishing and if you are a proper angler would be frustrated at 'stupid' people fishing who dont know how to fish. Fished it twice and both times the same. Match lake at the back is so stuffed with silvers (which is good), it's hard to get through to Carp so only recommended if you want a silvers only match. 40lb of silvers would be the norm. Pegs are awful and high from the water (it is down at the moment) ad the far end of the lake is 5inches deep all way across but fish are still there believe me! The owner is a nice chap and does some nice grub if you want some, but as a match angler, pleasure fishing is a no no. Good luck to the owner though.


2 and a half years on from my original review, and I take back some of the things I said (no the owner really is a nice guy.....) but the back lake has come on leaps and bounds with the commercial carp style fishing. The lake is still very shallow (unbelievably shallow actually) but the fish are still there. Fishing close to pads will get you the carp and close in the banks (which are incredibly undercut). But beware, the carp fight like mad and you'll require a good elastic (red hydro minimum) to deal with them. The front lake (main carp lake) still gets full with very amateur carp anglers however, not that many kids running around this time and the day was quiet in terms of disturbances from other anglers.









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