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Ian Heaps Premier Coarse Fishery


Latitude: 51.82524 | Longitude: -4.793335

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Narberth, Pembrokeshire

07796 517586


Fishery in Pembrokeshire with three lakes noted for Carp, Bream, Tench, Crucian, Carp and Roach fishing.


Carp Lake
Holding Mirror and Common carp averaging 8lbs plus a good head of doubles - the largest recorded at 27lbs 14oz - Carp Lake also offers a good many green and golden tench to 5lbs as well as Crucian Carp to 3lbs 8oz with the average being about 1lb 8oz. Ian purposely keeps roach out of this lake because he says lakes can quickly become overrun with immature fish which can become a nuisance to anglers.

Tench and Crucian Lake
Designed specifically for tench and crucian carp, this lake again averages six feet deep although the main feature is a submerged island in the centre which is heavily planted with red, white and yellow lilies which flower from about June onwards and provide the perfect habitat for tench and crucians. The depth here is only a matter of a couple of feet or so. 

Match Lake
With a maximum depth of about eight and a half feet, Match Lake is the deepest of the three lakes at Ian Heaps Fishery and has a large central island scalloped into bays opposite all pegs giving anglers some lovely waggler fishing at about 20 metres.

Permits are available from the on-site bait shop.

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