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River Avon - Mead Farm


Latitude: 51.41119 | Longitude: -2.111977

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Mead Farm Lacock

0117 960 3378


Although fishing is difficult when the water is clear it has produced roach and perch of over 3lb and carp of 20lb plus in the past two seasons. Our water at Malmesbury is one of the few places where it is possible to catch that elusive 2lb plus roach from shoals of similar size fish.


From the A350 Lacock bypass between Chippenham and Melksham enter Lacock village and follow the signs for the public car park. On leaving the car park turn right and follow the road to Lacock bridge. Fishing rights extend downstream of the bridge on the right hand bank for one very large field followed by two smaller ones for approximately one and half miles. Mead Farm is located on the left hand bank downstream and consists of six fields approximately one and half miles to the start of Queenfield Farm Fishery. There is no other suitable parking other than the public car park at Lacock village.
Night fishing by special permit only through General Secretary.

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