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River Avon - Bathford


Latitude: 51.40149 | Longitude: -2.309957

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Match weights often exceed 30lb on the upper reaches to perhaps 60lb on the lower reaches near Melksham (if the bream are feeding!). Large barbel are easy to locate and catch on this stretch of river.


Access is from two locations: the first is from Bathford Railway Bridge located on the A363 Bradford-on-Avon road at Bathford. A car park is located on the right hand side adjacent to the railway bridge approximately 50m from the A4/A363 roundabout. From this car park a footpath leads up and over the river giving access to the far bank meadows. Access to the top of the waters can be obtained by approaching via Bathampton Village.Turn down Bathampton Lane off the A36 on leaving Bath City Centre, cross over the canal and turn immediately sharp right into Tyning Road, passing the school on your left. Follow this lane to the end where a level crossing will be found. Parking on the right at this point.
DO NOT BLOCK the gates into Jewsons yard.
Fishing rights extend from the railway bridge upstream for two large fields to the railway embankment approximately one mile in total.

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