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Hunstrete Lakes


Latitude: 51.35867 | Longitude: -2.506923

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Bath, Somerset

01225 427164


Superb fishing, beautiful background and peaceful surroundings with three lakes at Hunstrete; close to Bristol, Bath and Keynsham. The two newest lakes – Withy and Bridge Pools – were established with the help of a substantial Lottery Grant and, thanks to the magnificent efforts of a hard-core of club members – they both have a natural appearance and have a reputation for some of the best fishing in the area. Over 2000 trees were planted on the slopes overlooking the lakes adding to the overall effect.


The car park adjoins the lakes and there is easy access to all 115 well spaced and comfortable swims on the fishery.

Fishing is available ONLY to members of BATHAMPTON ANGLING ASSOCIATION and a SPECIAL DAY PERMIT MUST ALSO BE OBTAINED BEFORE FISHING. (See list of issuing shops). Day Tickets are £3.00

Available to members; by Hunstrete Lake. Suitable for disabled use.

There are 15 specially designed platforms on Bridge Pool, 10 on Withy Pool and 2 on the Main Lake. All are ideal and safe for wheelchair users. Special concessions for REGISTERED DISABLED anglers.

Contact Malcolm Murfet on 0117 9715003 for details.

All children Under 12 years old can fish for free PROVIDED THAT they are accompanied AT ALL TIMES BY AN ADULT MEMBER.

This applies to all waters and, additionally, at restricted waters (Hunstrete, Newton Park, Weston Pond and Lydes Farm) they must share a swim with the adult member; with no more than two rods/poles per swim i.e. one each to be used. To sum up then, the adult member must purchase a special day permit in advance but the "Under - 12" does not require membership card or the special day permit.

Regular group coaching sessions are held for young children at WITHY POOL. All our coaches are fully qualified, approved by the National Federation of Anglers and are properly checked with police records. Morning and afternoon 4 hour sessions are held and there is a nominal charge. All tackle and bait can be supplied. Boys and girls are welcome as are beginners. Phone Keith Pope for more information : 01125 833839 / Mobile 07754 031 429.

At almost 5 acres, has always been recognised for it’s high quality sport with the emphasis on carp and tench. Many anglers have achieved their personal best carp here with loads of double figure commons and mirrors as well as a good number of "twenties" and a few "thirties" as well.

The lake is also a favourite with tench anglers with large numbers of 4 to 6lb fish and a fair number from 7 to 10 lbs. plus.

Bream to over 8lbs and roach to 1¾lbs also feature; as well as pike to 22lbs.
The winter silver fish sport can be extremely good.
There are 41 custom built comfortable swims or platforms; all are positioned to give sensible fishing for everyone.

Is 2½ acres in size with loads of features, including three islands. Good sport can be had literally from any swim as it is heavily stocked. All fishing is from 34 comfortable wooden platforms which are well spaced to give plenty of room for everyone.
Carp to 20lbs
Tench to 6lbs
Bream to 7lbs
Roach to 2½lbs
Perch to 2½lbs
Chub to 4lbs plus

Is approx. 3 acres with 2 islands and plenty of open water. The carp have piled on the weight since it opened and there are plenty of big doubles as well as the occasional ‘twenty’. There are 40 wooden platforms spaced out for easy fishing.
Carp to 22lbs
Tench to 5½lbs
Bream to 6lbs
Roach to 2½lbs
Perch to 2lbs
Chub to 3lbs

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Well managed sport england endorsed 'clubmark' lakes, belonging to bathampton angling association. Challenging main lake for various specimen sized fish, and two superb match lakes. Lots of big fish in all of the lakes as well as an excellent head of silvers


Great place to fish. In terms of carp, main lake, which is quite 'natural' looking, has a good number of 20's and upper doubles with a few 30's to over 35lb. They can be difficult so don't expect it to be easy! Main lake also has good silvers as well as tench and bream to over 8lb. Withy and Bridge pools are more commercial and have really good fish in them, including plenty of double figure carp to low twenties, lots of silvers and good tench and beam too. These are good lakes to restore faith in your carp fishing skills after blanking on the main lake!


Cracking scenery!! Main lake is very fishy looking but also hard. Has a few over 30lb with many of them named fish. Withy and bridge are the runs waters and the fish are hard fighters. Part of the BAA membership



Fishing withy pool I have had superb success on Supreme Baits Smootie and seafood. Standard rigs nothing complicated


Cell pop ups on a chod is a good bet on main lake










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