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Bourne Valley Park


Latitude: 50.74424 | Longitude: -1.927358

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Alderney, Poole, Dorset

01202 265265


The small fishing lake at Bourne Valley Park is intended for local young people (up to the age of about 16 yrs) as an introduction to angling, an opportunity for them to learn and develop angling skills alongside peers and mentors.


About 500 young rudd and carp are making a home of the lake, the largest of which were between 8-10" when released.  It is important for your future enjoyment that these fish are given the chance to grow and to reproduce, so please, whatever you catch - put it back!

Two wooden fishing platforms have been provided, and earth ramps created from the upper level to the lower terrace to allow access by wheelchair users.

There is no vehicle access to the lake. It is accessible on foot from the end of Evering Avenue, Turbary Close or via a passageway between homes at Monkton Crescent. A longer walk through the field is from the end of Berkeley Avenue. Postcode BH12.

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